Teasenz: Mini Pu’erh Tea Bar

I was contacted about two weeks ago by Lisa from Teasenz, and asked if I wanted to try their tea. I gladly agreed and yesterday I finally got six free samples in the mail! I was so ecstatic, it almost felt like Christmas. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened up my newly arrived boxed package and found all this tea inside.

Teasenz is an online tea company located in China that sells loose leaf teas and various types of tea ware. Here’s a list of the teas I received:

I’m really happy they sent me the Puerh tea bar. When I saw it on the website I was intrigued by the packaging and the fact that it’s shaped like a chocolate bar. I tried this tea first.

Their Puerh tea bar is packed into six little squares. It can easily be broken off and placed into a glass teapot, or any other kind of tea infuser you may have. I think I might have broken off a little too much, or should have steeped more water. Since it is usually just me alone drinking tea, I will probably use less next time. The cool thing about puerh tea is that the older it is, the better it tastes.

As you can see this brew appears quite dark, probably because I broke off too much tea leaves and didn’t use enough water, but it actually tasted fine to me. Just like Puerh tea is supposed to taste! Puerh tea isn’t for everyone, since it is a bit bitter. Puerh tea is said to help lower cholesterol, which is why many people use it as a weight loss tea. Don’t worry, I am well aware I don’t need to lose wait everyone, I simply enjoy it for the taste and because it’s also good for you, just like most teas are.

Tea and biscuits are the perfect combination
Tea and biscuits are the perfect combination

Pretty tea leaves
Pretty tea leaves

I give this tea five stars. I’m curious to discover the taste difference of the tea bar, compared to the loose leaf Puerh tea I received. I will keep everyone updated on the other teas in future blog posts! I can’t wait to try them all! Talking to Lisa was a very pleasant experience and I am very happy with their presentation. 

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