Top Beauty Essentials

There are some beauty products a girl/woman can’t just live without. My mother is the one that always taught me to take care of my face. The women on her side of the family have aged really well, not just because of a healthy lifestyle, but also because they know how to take care of their bodies. I am very happy my mother taught me this. Or course there are a lot of beauty products I love, but within the past several years, I think I finally found the top beauty products that I can’t go a week or month without.

I started using jojoba oil about four years ago, and toner almost two years ago now. Jojoba oil helps moisturize skin, helps remove clogged pores and makeup, and is good for the hair. I have been using Trader Joe’s jojoba oil, but maybe after this bottle is finished I will finally try a different brand. I usually just use it after cleansing my face as a moisturizer, and like to use it on my hands and cuticles as well. I started using Josie Maran’s Argan Oil earlier this year, which is not bad either for moisturizing the skin, but jojoba oil is a little more economical to me, which is why it made it to my top beauty essentials list.

As to toner, well I don’t know how I ever went without it. This too also helps remove makeup, and whatever daily pollutants get stuck on your skin throughout the day. The Eau Roma Water toner from Lush is very easy on the skin and only contains two main ingredients: Rose and lavender. This feels very refreshing and cool on the face, so it’s perfect for the warmer weather we are now starting to have here in California.

Read more about Rose Water.

This is why I love Lush so much, because it’s not loaded with a ton of chemicals or ingredients that do more harm than love to your skin. Everything they make smells amazing too.

These beauty products may seem very simple and like maybe they don’t even do much, but to me it’s always the little things that go a long way. I am not too much into “glam.” I wouldn’t feature any product like glitter eyeshadow, as a top beauty essential. It’s the products that actually help keep my skin feeling and looking physically fresh and radiant that are important to me, not the illusion that products like glitter eyeshadow create.

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