French Chic on the Streets

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I am wearing a striped sleeveless top from Bar III at Macy’s, with an H&M high-low skirt. I was unable to find them online, so I’ve featured related styles from different brands in the links below. Shoes are by Dolce Vita. I love stripes, I really do. I don’t even know how many striped tops I own anymore. Of course I also love polka dots.

My Jump From Paper Martini purse is also still currently sold out. Here is a list of actual store locations you might be able to find them in. Majority are located in California.

Where to Buy

Less God More Godard from MATTICUS on 8tracks Radio.

I am suddenly in the mood to listen to some French tunes, and speaking of French, I just discovered the brand L’Ecole Des Femmes, by Laura Sfez. Her shop is currently located in 8119 Melrose Ave here in California. Her clothing is also available online at

Her clothing is a mix between Lolita and Catholic School girl, with French Maid. I am in love.

Photos of myself by 2071photo


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