Teasenz: Aged Pu Ehr Tea

Good afternoon everyone! It’s time for another Teasenz tea review. I finally opened the Aged Puerh tea they sent me, which is their Yunnan Tuocha Tea Mix. I really enjoyed their Puerh tea bar, but this aged puerh tastes really good too. Tuocha is puerh tea that comes in little dome-shapes, but since I received samples I got these little broken off pieces that are perfect for steeping.

I just brewed this amount for myself and steeped for 3 minutes. It was perfect! At first I thought I might have brewed a little too much for myself again like I had done with the tea bar, but this brew did not come out too strong at all. Once again puerh tea takes 5 stars for me.

The color of this tea is a nice golden hue. It isn’t too bold either. I think the puerh tea bar is just a little stronger. If I had to choose which one I like better, I honestly couldn’t tell you. They are both that good. I do, however, love the aroma of this tea a little better. Maybe because it isn’t as strong. Some people like adding milk to this type of tea, but it always tastes great to me just by itself.

I am drinking this tea in a Teavana Bistro Glass Tea Mug I received as a birthday gift this year from a friend. It’s the best! The double glass keeps the mug cool to the touch so you don’t accidentally burn yourself. I think it’s also good for accident-prone people like me that easily break glass cups. 

Taste: 5/5

Aroma: 5/5


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