What is Ayurveda?

Today I have been a little more enlightened by Ayurveda. I’ve heard of the term before, but never really looked into it. It was nice to come across this article on Health Perch and learn that it can also be applied to beauty practices. I think when it comes to health and beauty practices, most people want immediate results and aren’t willing to work hard or remain consistent towards their goals, but Ayurveda states that we must find a balance in order to truly feel good in body and mind.

Yes, there are herbs and topical treatments that can help prevent aging. But what makes Ayurveda so successful is the fundamental idea that you need to be healthy on the inside in order to be healthy on the outside.

— Health Perch

Ayurvedic Beauty Routine - All About Ayurveda Beauty
“All About Ayurveda” on Health Perch

To learn more about Ayurveda, click on the link above.


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