New App Alert: Fashion Tap

I just recently started using the beta for a new app called FashionTap. Currently, it only works via a browser, but the CEO, Amy Roiland, is currently still perfecting the native app. Amy is a model, designer, and fashion blogger for Her style is pretty rad and she seems totally sweet and genuine.

FashionTap is geared towards models, designers, and anyone interested in fashion, and its main goal is to help promote designers, brands, or any emerging fashionistas. You can create an account with your email, Facebook, or Instagram, and also import your Instagram photos too whenever you want to share a new look. Of course you can also add tags, and like or comment on other people’s photos.

As of now, because it is still currently browser-based, I find adding links to the articles of clothing you’re wearing much easier on an actual computer or laptop. If you’re an early adapter to the app, you are eligible for revenue share. You’ll be able to take your percentages when people click on the links you provide to the clothing/accessories you’re wearing and buy anything you feature on the site. Not bad.

So far Fashion Tap seems promising and I can’t wait to start using the actual app! It’s also nice to connect with other people passionate in fashion and sharing looks all in one nice little app. Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

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