Happy Wednesday

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. It’s already past eight and I’ve been feeling drained from this summer heat. No matter how much I try to think positive thoughts about the summer, I can’t help but always be reminded as to how much I really loathe this time of year. It’s been a bit warm and it’s only going to get hotter.

I’m all about hot drinks, but I think now I have to accept that it’s time to start drinking plenty of cold liquids. Yesterday I finally tried The Punchbowl on Melbourne Ave. I had their Prince Harry fresh juice and it was so good! It has coconut, ginger, and carrot, and some type of pepper I believe. They don’t have this drink listed on their online menu. They also sell shakes and Kombucha. I can’t wait to go back. Everything is 100% organic and vegan. Their entire menu is quite magical.

My morning face
My morning face

I also went to Goodwill yesterday and scored some 2 dollar vintage Minnie Mouse ears! I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought maybe someone made them, but they actually have a copyright Disney tag on the inside of the headband. I’m guessing this means they were actually sold at Disneyland at one point. Unfortunately I can’t determine the year. I was trying to Google photos of old Minnie Mouse ears, but I can’t really seem to find a proper database. All I know is that I now might have to wear these to Dapper Day. They are just too pretty and cute!

I finally bought the Juju Jelly shoes I’ve been wanting. I love them. They are actually a lot more comfortable then they look. I even wore them at work today. Jelly shoes are a part of my childhood, so I just couldn’t say no to these. I bought mine at Urban Outfitters, but they also sell them online on ASOS.

Have a lovely night and sweet dreams.


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