Tea & Doggie Park Time

Today after work, I finally went to Tea Elle Garden Cafe again for the second time. I first went back in September. It’s a very nice little cafe and although I’ve only had two of their tea selections, each time they taste so good. This time I went with my sister and we ordered their Summer Garden strawberry and peach black iced tea. You can get your tea hot or cold. I always prefer hot, but it’s been a bit warm out and my sister was leaning towards the iced tea. It was nice to have some girl time and catch up again.

Waiting to be seated
Waiting to be seated

I ordered their Tea Wrap again. I wanted to try something different for lunch this time, but the Tea Wrap always sounds so good. The tea wrap comes with artichoke pesto, tomato, lettuce, and jack cheese in a spinach tortilla.

I’ve always loved that you can purchase their tea in stores or even online. The first time I went I tried their Mate Chai and bought some to have at home as well. I still have some and it is still delicious! All tea is loose leaf.

After the Tea Garden Cafe my sister and I took the dogs to the park for some fresh air. It was a bit warm out, but they enjoyed themselves. My miniature dachshund has so much energy and is too funny with her long tongue sticking out.

My Maltese Cupcake is a lot more on the mellow side. She can be a brat, but she is the perfect car-dog! Delilah fidgets and whines. They are my furball babies, but it’s funny how different they are. I need to buy my Maltese a new harness. I don’t like putting the leash on the collars because I feel like it hurts the dogs or it’s just not as comfortable or safe. I guess I’ve got some doggie shopping to do.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their evening. Goodnight!

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