Roasted Carrot’s Recipe

I came across this idea on Instagram from user @simply_nourish to roast carrots with coconut oil and add a little bit of salt and honey. They also added cumin and suggested you could also squeeze some orange juice on the carrots. I might have to try the orange juice idea next time. This is great for a light lunch or for appetizers! And it’s really easy to cook and prep!

Cooking time: 16 minutes

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

I hardly ever use measurements, so I eye-balled everything. I put about two tablespoons of coconut oil on the carrots, and a small dash of sea salt.

I enjoyed this meal with Trader Joe’s pita bread and hummus and Teasenz Aged Puerh tea. You can find my review for the tea here.

Sleepy pup
Sleepy pup

Today has been a pretty mellow day. Can’t you tell my miniature dachshund is enjoying the comfort of being in a cool air conditioned house? I admit I am too right now, although I was trying to go to the beach today since it’s going to be pretty hot this week. Today didn’t work out, however, so hopefully I can go later this week.


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