Zuma Beach

On Wednesday I went to Zuma Beach after work. It was really nice and very peaceful. It’s a nice feeling to visit the beach after work, even though I only worked 4 hours that day. I wore my Billabong cheetah print swimsuit. I bought this years ago but never really got to enjoy it at the beach. I’m just happy it still fits perfectly.

Rafael enjoying the waves
Rafael enjoying the waves

My black H&M kimono is perfect to wear over my swimsuit. I have been wearing this kimono nonstop the past 2-3 months. It’s really light and pairs well with basically anything.

It was extremely windy at the beach. My hair was a mess afterwards, but it was all worth it.

I’m wearing a necklace my mother got me from her trip to Mexico and the earrings are handmade by one of my grandma’s friends. I think they’re from the 80’s. The sunglasses are actually from the men’s section from H&M. That day I just couldn’t find any women’s sunglasses that I seemed to like. I don’t think they’re available online, however.

Photos by myself and Rafael Hernandez


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