Missing Boardwalk Empire

I’ve been missing Boardwalk Empire lately and I am still sad that this is going to be the last season this year next month. I suppose it’s about time, but wow, that show is one of my favorites. This is a photoset dedicated to Boardwalk Empire and Flapper fashion. The 1920’s has always been one of my favorite eras. I also dedicate this to all the real Jazz Baby’s and the Gun Molls from the 20’s. I haven’t taken self-portraits with a DSLR in quite some time. I used to express myself a lot and then I stopped. Well, this is the year I’ve been trying to open myself up again and meet a lot of new people. I’m tired of suppressing who I really am and molding myself to what society expects me to be.

Bedroom eyes forever
Bedroom eyes forever

Lipstick is from Make Up Forever in Pearly Bright Red

Flapper costume is from Forplay Catalog

Eyes are Urban Decay Eyeshadow and lined with Stila eyeliner.

Shoes are from Funtasma

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