Rearranging My Bedroom

Now all I need is a bed-skirt to make my bed look a little prettier
Now all I need is a bed-skirt to make my bed look a little prettier

Earlier this afternoon I finally had the determination to rearrange and clean my room. I have been putting aside this project for the longest time. I think for the first time ever, I was able to rearrange my room and have access to all the outlets. My dog, Delilah, wanted to keep me company but of course I couldn’t work with her there, so here she is in the photo above finally content and resting on my bed.

If I had to describe my room, it would probably be a mixture of Kawaii and Bohemian.

What’s really great after all this cleaning and hard work of moving my furniture around all by myself is that I finally found my original set of Minnie Mouse headband ears! They’re the ears closest to the wine bottle with the candle. I am so happy. Every time I go to Disneyland I see girls/women with the newer style. I hardly see anyone with these ears anymore so I want to show them off now. I will have to get a better photo later. I meant to do that today as well, but cleaning my room was quite a project. The ears above the Mouseketeer Ears are from Goodwill. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact year, but they are definitely copyright by Disney so they must have been sold at the park. I just call them my Minnie Mouse Retro Ears.

Speaking of Disney, I have been obsessed with Vinylmations ever since they first came out. I was lucky to obtain the Blank Vinylmation set at  Walt Disney Imagineering earlier this year when visiting a friend that works there. They only made a certain amount available to the public so I had to have these. I also have this obsession with collecting bottles with cool graphic design and strewing them around my room for decorative purposes.

Uh Oh...I haven't written in my Q&A a day in a while.
Uh Oh…I haven’t written in my Q&A a day in a while.
Unknown Fact: I was obsessed with Ancient Egyptian culture when I was younger, which is why today I'm usually seen wearing an ankh pendant and I have books like The Egyptian Book Of The Dead.
Unknown Fact: I was obsessed with Ancient Egyptian culture when I was younger, which is why today I’m usually seen wearing an ankh pendant and I have books like The Egyptian Book Of The Dead.

My bookshelf is the only thing I didn’t move. I have too many books and I think I’m fine with it’s location still. I would like to buy another bookcase in the near future. It’s been overflowing for a while now.

I really love graphic novels like Neil Gaiman’s, The Sandman series and the recent Vertigo title, Fables, shown above. I love graphic novels that have strong female characters and appeal to my whimsical senses.

I relocated my Blythe doll and my angry Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow man my to my bookcase. I think they’ll be fine there for now.

I also collect odd trinkets from thrift shops or from friends. And I like craft beer, so I have a few bottle caps I save just for the hell of it.

For a few years all I’d get from family or friends was both lotion and body spray from Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works for Christmas or as birthday gifts. Although I’m always down for smelling fresh and amazing, I don’t like spraying myself 24/7 because it’s not exactly the best for your body. I now like shopping at places like Lush, which gives you natural scents without chemicals or parabens. Call me an extremist, but I don’t think I’m ever going to go into Bath & Body Works and buy myself their lotions any time soon. I love their candles, but that’s about it. I’ll continue to buy body products from places like Lush and Whole Foods.

I am a fan of skulls.
I am a fan of skulls.

My big vanity is one of the main pieces of furniture I’m always using whenever I start my day. This was passed down to me by my mother. She’s had it ever since she was a little girl in the 60’s, so I believe it’s from New York or New Jersey.

I love my CInderella makeup pouch.
I love my CInderella makeup pouch.

I love a lot of Asian/Japanese items if no one can tell by now. I was raised around martial arts and Japanese culture growing up. I really like Alpacasso. They’re these cute little alpacas made in Japan. They have different themes, so of course I had to get the hipster alpacas one year. These Vinylmations were given to me by Rafael as part of a valentine gift this year. He always buys me the cutest gifts. It makes my heart swoon.

My Disney Photo frame given to me by Rafael is my favorite wall decoration
My Disney Photo frame given to me by Rafael is my favorite wall decoration

I’ve had this musical note mask since I was a little kid. My grandmother gave it to me because I play the piano.

This is another favorite Japanese decoration I own. This was given to me by my dad more than a few years ago. He’s had this since the 80’s maybe. Her left earring fell off a while back. I think this gives it more of an authentic vintage vibe. Sometimes it’s the little imperfections that stand out and make something all the more beautiful.

My dad's sister gave me the awesome Frida Kahlo mirror
My dad’s sister gave me the awesome Frida Kahlo mirror

My Jump From Paper polkadot purse is currently my favorite handbag. Rafael gave this to me for my birthday earlier this year in May. I always get so many compliments on it and as of now I still don’t know anyone who owns any Jump From Paper purses. They’re a bit expensive and can only be ordered online, I believe. Of course this is just another of the many items I own from Asia.

I just unearthed this cute Hello Kitty Libra card I received from a very nice Japanese lady I ordered an Alpacasso from a few years ago. I received a cute little care package with extra stationary goodies. I’m a Taurus, however, but I just recently became friends with someone that seems to have a lot in common with me, and she happens to be a Libra. I decided I’m going to give this to her because this is something cute she’d appreciate. I hope she is surprised!

It’s kind of funny…I’ve always had this love/hate relationship with Libra’s, but they’re always the people I seem to become the closest to (my sister and Rafael are Libra’s), and no matter what they always seem to find me and I always seem to find them. They drive me crazy, but I suppose I always end up having a soft spot for them. I just can’t avoid Libra’s! So I might as well love them, right? Ha! For the most part.

Obscure Balloon Man
Obscure Balloon Man

My drawing skills have never been the best, but back in 2008 I was making weird doodles. I would sign my work with “Nicolette Twilight,” and no it had nothing to do with the ridiculous movies and books. I have always liked that time of day and thought it sounded mysterious. Of course once the books gained popularity it killed it. I can just look back on it now and laugh.

The only sad part of today was removing all the items I collected and hung up on my cork board I’ve had since I think, 2009. I figured it was finally time to start new and start posting new stuff on this board. For now it’s rather blank again (I should have taken a before and after photo), but I look forward to posting new memories I make for the rest of this year and so forth.

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