In Love With My New H&M Jumper Skirt

I scored one of the last size small jumpers from the new H&M that opened up near my job. I usually wear their x-small, but since I’m all legs and just a little taller than the average woman, this size small fits perfectly. The blouse is from Forever 21. I can’t wait until it starts getting colder so I can wear this blouse more often. The material is light, but it’s still not really suitable for the day time during this time of year. The thigh highs are from Urban Outfitters. These ones are a dark grey. I also have them in black. I need to stock up on more soon!

I had to pull out my Japanese School Girl jacket I bought when I was eighteen, the year after I graduated high school. It’s always been a little loose on me, but because I have long arms, the sleeves fit perfect. My body is kind of funny sometimes, but I can’t complain. I can fit an x-small, but because I have long arms and long legs, clothing items like jackets or skirts can get tricky and I usually need a size up. I wish I could get everything custom tailored.

I am wearing creepers I used to wear a lot in high school with this outfit. I haven’t worn these since probably high school! Now that I think about it…I wore them a lot so they do look a bit used, but these are such great shoes.

Of course how can I forget my Jump From Paper polkadot handbag? It’s quite lovely with this outfit. Unfortunately I have not been able to find this particular style online ever since my boyfriend first bought this one for my birthday in May. I am so happy he was able to surprise me and buy this one before they all sold out!

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