Recap of The Weekend

Only a week left of Summer. Hooray! As much as I love my straw hats, I prefer beanies and berets a lot more. There’s been a heat wave lately and I am thankful to live in a nice air conditioned home, but stepping outside does not feel pleasant.

Summer Essentials
Summer Essentials

I always try to wear protective sunscreen and chapstick as often as possible. I always prefer Neutrogena with helioplex. SPF +30 is usually what most people need. The higher the number, the harder it is to rub into your skin to cover as much as possible. I also just started using Coola SPF 15 chapstick. This is a really nice chapstick. It has peppermint and vanilla with 70% certified organic ingredients. And of course how can I forget my Quay Australia sunnies?

Because I was having problems with my swollen foot/ankle thanks to this awful spider bite after getting back from Vegas and feeling like complete crap, Rafael actually bought me this really cute rainbow Alpacasso and a Rilakkuma phone charm. Sometimes he still surprises me and catches me off guard with these little gestures. I collect these cute furry little creatures from Japan so it’s nice to add a new one to my collection. I named him Snowcone Sherbert.

Polaroids before leaving Vegas
Polaroids before leaving Vegas

At Interbike I received a really cool cycling cap from State Bicycle Co. It’s my very first cycling cap.

Sporty in Pink
Sporty in Pink

This morning I had breakfast at this small diner that serves really good breakfast. I had always mentioned it to Rafael, but just this year finally got him to try it and of course now he loves coming here whenever we can.

It’s been a crazy weekend filled with fun and some pain and sore muscles, but tomorrow I finally go back to work. I was supposed to work Sunday but had to unfortunately call out because my left foot was still swollen at the time. I think one of the people I had to talk to to call out totally didn’t believe me and this makes me slightly mad still. Every time I get stuck having to talk to them when I need to call out they always question me and never show any real human emotion. They are like a robot that doesn’t give a damn about your feelings, and automatically assumes you’re just lying. This angers me because if they had seen my foot maybe they’d regret their attitude, maybe not, but the fact is, my health is important and I’m not a liar.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great day today! Don’t let the negative and heartless people get you down!


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