New Vintage Finds: Pretty in Pink Forever

Some time after work I found myself at my favorite antique store since I was in the area. They always have the best items, and it seems like they never disappoint. I was, however, surprised to stumble upon this beautiful light pink jacket dress. It’s from the 1960’s and is in excellent condition! And it was only $13! I can’t believe it. The hat was $22.50 and is by Liz Claiborne Accessories and has a Saks Fifth Avenue tag on the inside, but I can’t quite figure out what era this hat is from. It looks modern and looks hardly worn. I only know that Liz Claiborne introduced Liz Claiborne Accessories after 1989, I believe. I have been looking for a new wool hat for the Fall, so either way I am content with this purchase. I tried to look on the Saks Fifth Avenue website, but they don’t really carry any hats anymore, it seems. The very first Liz Claiborne hat I’ve ever owned is actually from the 90’s, and it totally looks it too.

Mystery hat
Mystery hat

This hat is beautiful. Anything from Saks Fifth Avenue is expensive right? Right. It almost has a late 80’s/90’s vibe. But I guess I’ll never know. I tried to ask the lady I purchased it from, but she had no idea. They have so many vendors that I suppose they can’t all keep track of every single item they have. And believe me, they are stacked with antique items and the tiniest little trinkets and lots of jewelry pieces too. Walking inside always gives me this wonderful feeling, like I’m about to hunt for treasure.

I’m ready to go grab a drink with Donald Draper. I wore my Maison Jules dress with this cute little jacket dress. The necklace is by 1928 jewelry. The Peterpan color and coral lips help give a more 1960’s vibe. And as to the hat, well…the era shall remain a mystery but I think it gives this look a kind of 1940’s meets 1960’s femme fatal/Mad Men secretary look. I might even see a little 1980’s in there with that hat. Either way I love it and it’s totally me. It’s finding these rare little treasures that makes me feel happy. I love clothes and dressing up. 

I hope everyone has a magical and dapper night!


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