Happy Mid-October

It’s October 15th, which means only 16 more days until Halloween! I hope everyone is having a great October so far. I am currently beyond exhausted. I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to lately. I hope that changes soon.

I wore this outfit yesterday. I’ve finally been able to wear my new H&M platform boots, and I also found this cute little mini witch top hat at another H&M recently. The thigh highs are also from H&M. The dress is an older dress I’ve had for more than several years now I believe, but I’m happy it still looks brand new. My handbag is of course Jump From Paper. My sunglasses are my Quay Eyeware, Invaders.

This vintage fedora has been my go-to Fall hat of choice this past month. It just looks very witchy. The skull cameo ring is from Olvera Street by a company called Vintage Galeria.

Speaking of hats and H&M, I found this awesome Porkpie hat from H&M the same day I found my new mini witch top hat. Since I lost a previous Autumn/Winter hat just last month also from H&M, I figured this could be a new addition to replace the lost hat. The style is slightly similar, but I’ve never owned this particular style before.

It’s October, so that means plenty of Oktoberfest beer of course.

Rafael surprised me and bought me this handmade resin spider necklace not too long ago. I love it! It pairs well with my other spider necklace I also received as a gift about a few years ago now.

I love my new pumpkin and ghost socks! I found them at Target for just a $1 each. The ghost socks look perfect next to my ghost blanket.

There are many more photos I haven’t been able to share yet, but I’m always sharing photos on Instagram, so feel free to keep up with my photo adventures there too. @nicomichelle

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