Happy Tuesday

Today I am wearing my favorite Maison Jules dress. This is the only dress I own by them, but I would really like to buy more! Their clothes are Parisian inspired with a nice vintage-vibe. I am that woman that loves to dress up all the time and I’ll even do house chores in dresses. I was cleaning today and totally felt like a 1950’s housewife… 

This is the outfit I was wearing yesterday. Full outfit here

The jewelry is by 1928 jewelry I bought at Macys. I believe it’s called 2028 now. This heart choker necklace will always be a favorite of mine.

My Betsey Johnson jewelry collection is slowly growing. My camera necklace is my latest addition. They also have the matching earrings, but I haven’t gotten them yet.

Yesterday I enjoyed some Chinese Puerh tea from Teavivre in my cute Rilakkua heart-shaped tea cup.

I never meant to take this photo, but I kind of like how it came out because it made me realize how my room is very much me. That’s how all homes/rooms should be of course, but I just thought I’d share this photo from today too. You see that mountain of books I have there? Yes…I really need to start reading a lot faster. There are so many books I have yet to read and I can’t wait to read them all! Reading and getting lost in stories and different worlds will always be a passion of mine.


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