Finally a Proud Disneyland Annual Passport Holder

Rafael and I spontaneously decided to finally buy annual passes to Disneyland on Saturday. We have been waiting ages for this moment. I am so happy our dream could finally come true. We decided to just go for the cheapest pass since we’re not really that close driving distance to the park, and if anything, we can always upgrade at a later time. All that matter is we get to make more Disneyland memories together, and we can still park hop!

Wearing my “I’m celebrating” badge at California Adventure

Of course we had to visit ToonTown to get some photos with my favorite Jump From Paper handbag.

Hanging out at Minnie's
Hanging out at Minnie’s
Minnie's house is so cute!
Minnie’s house is so cute!
Waiting for Mickey
Waiting for Mickey

Because we never planned on originally coming to Disneyland, I wore the wrong shoes! Of course I was wearing heels, so Rafael treated me to a new pair of cute Minnie Mouse slip-ons we bought at one of the shops in California Adventure. I love how they match my Jump From Paper handbag and went well with my new Forever 21 dress! Everything about Saturday felt truly magical. We even saved a lot of money that day and we were getting everything at a great price, including these shoes.

A-Line Turtleneck Dress

All photos above were shot by Rafael of course on a 5D Mark3. 

I didn’t have my Canon on me, but here are some iPhone photos I was able to take of the night.

Some of the photos are sort of like the ones he took, but from my perspective.

He's so cute when he smiles
He’s so cute when he smiles

I love when he smiles. This guy means everything to me, and I am a very lucky woman.

Sleeping Beauties castle is so beautiful this time of year!! I was mesmerized by the sight. I don’t think it can ever get old.

Rafael took this one of course, but with his iPhone. I think I wore the perfect outfit for a random visit to Disneyland. Rafael and I are finally planning on Disney-Bounding too now that we have annual passes and can visit more frequently. What is Disney Bound, you ask? Dressing up in concept outfits as one your favorite Disney characters! Check out the Disney Bound Tumblr to see pictures and for more details.

I love that the lady helping us with our annual passes gave us the “I’m Celebrating!” badge. I should have known. Too cute. I took this photo with my Photojojo fish eye lens.



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