Grey Saturday & Bite Beauty

On Saturday before our spontaneous Disneyland visit, Rafael took me to Feral Creature’s Grey Saturday event. She was selling a small warehouse full of all her clothes! It was amazing. I was so overwhelmed that I totally forgot about the free wine and jello shots available. We arrived early and were about the fourth or fifth people in line, but once we got inside it was every woman for themselves. If you saw something you liked, you better have grabbed it! It was nice to have Rafael there helping me. His eyes have always been quicker than mine, but it’s funny, because I think we both noticed a lot of the same items right away for myself. Honestly, having a man that actually holds your stuff while you shop and encourages you to shop is the best man in the world. There was a “boyfriend” couch at the warehouse. Everything was happening so fast, but within like 7 minutes of arriving I quickly glanced over and just remember seeing about 4 guys sitting on the couch, one of them drinking wine, and that’s when I remembered, “Oh yeah, there’s wine.” But then I quickly turned back around and continued my search for the perfect wardrobe items.

Feral Creature is about my size in clothes, I believe, so finding anything that fit me wasn’t a problem. She also had some of her fellow Fashion blogger/entrepreneur friends selling their items as well. I scored these lovely tall boots from the very sweet Honey n Silk. I love that we have about the same size feet! I am usually an 8, and the boots I bought from her for only $5 were an 8.5, but fit me just perfectly. She also had these really cute red plaid short boots that were a size 9, but looked like they probably ran small. I regret not trying them on! I was so overcome with excitement and it was pretty crowded in there already, so I think I just temporarily froze and was only looking for items I absolutely needed. I have never been that woman that gets crazy when she shops. This was my first event like that, so it was definitely an experience.

Rafael basically bought me everything, except for the boots. He would have bought me the boots too, but the lovely Honey n Silk, Stephanie Liu, didn’t have cash. It was fine with me, however, because I never carry cash either and was happy to use my card. Anything to support small business! The boots are by the brand Just Fab

These are my new tall boots! It was about damn time I finally bought myself tall boots. I also scored the original Jump From Paper messenger bag that first inspired Rafael to buy me my first Jump From Paper handbag. I can’t believe I ended up with this one after all! It was basically brand new and unused. It’s originally $99 but we got it for $20! These bags are not cheap, that’s for sure. All the items Rafael bought me, save for the boots, I will have to wait until Christmas to start officially using! This makes me a little sad, but he just spoiled me so I know the wait will be worth it and I am absolutely grateful.

Feral Creature wearing the bag I now happily own
Feral Creature wearing the bag I now happily own

I think my absolute favorite item I scored on Grey Saturday was this Pulsar 1919 Joy Division dress by the Italian brand Lovely Sally, now currently based in the UK. I don’t think this was worn or used either! The tag was still on the dress when I found it. It’s an x-small and fits perfectly! I will cherish this dress forever.

Last minute, I spied this futuristic space-age jumper dress. It’s a medium but fits as a small. I am mad at myself right now because I thought I remembered the name of this brand, but nothing is coming up on Google, and because it’s still at Rafael’s because I can’t wear it until Christmas, I have no way of currently looking at the tag. Oh well, I really like this, and I will get better photos of it at another date of course. 

These Quay Australia Kitti sunnies were the first item I spied at the Grey Saturday event and automatically picked up. It was about time I had another pair of Quay sunglasses. These bubble gum pink sunglasses are currently unavailable, but they have a really nice light pink perfect for this time of year. I love Quay!!!

I recently picked up a new Bite Beauty matte creme lip crayon in Fraise. It is wonderful! And it’s my new favorite lip color at the moment. Matte lipstick is the best. I also finally decided to try the Rosebud Salve. It’s a lip life changer. It smells amazing and feels so good on my lips! I also love Bite Beauty because it’s made with really good ingredients and doesn’t dry out your lips.

The perfect Autumn/Winter color
The perfect Autumn/Winter color

Even after work the color still looks great. I barely had to even reapply any, and it doesn’t get that smudgy lipstick look some lipsticks give you when you’ve been wearing them all day.

Thank you Bite Beauty, you’re the best!


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