Happy December: Playing in the Rain & Cozy-ing Up Indoors

Good afternoon! Happy December 3rd! It has been raining and beautifully gloomy the past few days. I love it!! I am so happy I had the day off today because I got to really enjoy the rain. It has been a cozy evening indoors. Here are some photos I’ve taken within the past week, and some I took today!

My current work space makes me happy. This was taken this morning on my iPhone5s.

My Maltese, Cupcake, has been blind for over a month now, I believe. I am still a little sad about it all, but I will always be here for her, and she is adjusting well!

Earlier today I stepped outside my backyard to take some beautiful rain photos. I’m really happy with how they came out.

I was finally able to wear my new rain boots in the rain!

Rain drops are so beautiful. Everything about today was beautiful. We haven’t been getting much rain here in Southern California, so it’s so lovely to experience this weather again.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Be safe and enjoy the rain!


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