Polette Eyewear

I hope everyone has been having a great February. I am happy to share my new discovery and experience with French eyewear company, Polette, and discuss what this brand is all about. Polette.com was created by Pierre Wizman, a young entrepreneur who wanted to break away from the norm and create a new concept of selling eyewear to the masses. Most quality eyewear can be a bit pricey at times, and especially so if you wear prescription eyeglasses. With Polette, they believe in giving quality without the inexpensive prices. The only difference is that their eyewear is shipped straight from their own factories, thus reducing handling costs.

Polette believes in originality, and their team is made up of many different and skilled individuals that only further the advancement and innovation of the company. Polette not only wants it’s customers to afford quality prices, but to receive eyewear that will fit its wearers own personal fashion style. They have a great selection in styles that range from the classic to the bold, and for retro lovers, plenty of vintage style frames to choose from. And of course it’s not just for women, but for men as well!

I was extremely thrilled when I finally received my Polette sunnies in the mail last Thursday. They both came with their own little lens cloths and pouches. When I looked at their site for the first time, I could not make up my mind as to which sunglasses I wanted.  I was very happy with their sunglasses selection, and I can never have enough of those, especially when one lives here in sunny California. The sunglasses I received are very light weight, and still nice quality for such great prices. I do wear eyeglasses as well, but I am waiting to finally visit the eye doctor and get my updated prescription that way I can try to order eyeglasses from them in the future. Their eye glass selection is also wonderful! All you have to do is give them your eye prescription and choose your frames, and voilà! Wait until they are happily delivered to your doorstep. You can also choose whether you want anti-scratch or anti-reflective. 

Today I will be featuring their Duffin sunglasses in black. These are also available in a light gold/cream color.

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. Do you have your Valentine outfit yet?! In this photo I  am wearing a simple burgundy colored dress from Forever 21. A-Line Turtleneck Dress. It’s only $15.80! I paired this look with thigh highs and a unisex hat from H&M.

H&M Black Ankle Boots $34.95
H&M Black Ankle Boots $34.95

Today I wore this Lolita inspired outfit with my favorite Jump From Paper Martini handbag. A fresh soon to be Spring look also calls for a straw hat! Any time of season I will also always love collared blouses or dresses. I can’t get enough!

Straw Boater Hat

Juju Footwear

Yesstyle Band-Waist Jumper Skirt

Sleeveless Collared Chiffon Top

Sparkly Juju's. 
Sparkly Juju’s. 

I think what I love the most about these sunglasses is that they aren’t very traditional and have a bit of an edge to them. At first, I was hesitant to finally try sunglasses without a full lens that covers the frame, but upon receiving these and wearing them, they are a lot of fun and seem to go with majority of my outfits. The metal frame sits perfectly on my face too. 

On my lips I am wearing Bite Beauty’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Fraise with an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic Lip Liner in NSFW.

I think out of all the looks, I prefer these sunglasses on me when my hair is straightened…uh oh! It might finally be time for a hair cut soon. 


Cat eye sunglasses aren’t complete without cat ears of course! I like how these sunglasses look with my cat ears too!  I will be featuring more photos in the Duffin, and in the Nenuphar in future posts. Stay tuned!

Currently, worldwide shipping is $4.99

Nenuphar B– $14.99

Duffin B– $19.99

Photos shot by me and Rafael Hernandez

You can follow Polette on their social media sites for updates on new styles, etc.


Instagram: @poletteeyewear

Twitter: @poletteeyewear

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