Lunar New Year 2015

On Saturday I attended Chinatown’s 116th Annual Golden Dragon Parade and New Year’s Festival in Downtown, Los Angeles. I was unfortunately a little late to catch the actual parade and shot a few photos, including the one above while in the car stuck in horrible traffic. That’s L.A. for you on a crazy weekend.

Luckily I eventually got to walk around, and witnessing the aftermath of the parade wasn’t so bad either. There were a lot of families, friends, and children having fun popping Chinese Firecrackers and setting off confetti poppers back at the main plaza. There was confetti everywhere! It was a colorful mess. It was really nice to see everyone so carefree and just having a genuinely good time. What’s also nice is that Rafael and I ran into some friends before heading to Chinatown, so we were able to share in the fun with them throughout the day.

Stopping at Lollicup that day was a very good decision. It was getting a little cold, so I was in the mood for a hot drink. I always prefer hot drinks over cold anyways. I ordered their ginger honey milk tea, and wow, was it delicious! Rafael ordered the matcha green tea smoothie. That was really good too. 

When we said goodbye to our friends, Rafael and I took a walk around Spring Street and visited The Last Bookstore. I have a lot more photos to share with everyone from this day featuring a lot of Rafael’s work with his new Fuji camera, and our upcoming review on a handy tech gadget he uses for a lot of his photos. Stay tuned!

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