February Photo Recap

The days go by quickly for me, and it seems as if New Year’s was so long ago already, when in fact, it’s only been over a month. So far 2015 has been pretty interesting. I had a few nice opportunities come my way, but just yesterday I received neither good nor bad news about something, so at the moment I don’t really know what emotions to feel. I suppose I have been stuck in limbo with my emotions since yesterday afternoon. Perhaps this is only another opportunity for me to grow, and to find bigger and better opportunities in the near-future. 

I was supposed to go to Dapper Day’s Spring event on Sunday, but now that it might rain I may no longer be attending after all. I have been planning this since last year, but somehow I am not too disappointed. I have an annual pass now, and I wear Dapper attire almost every day of my life anyways, so there will always be other opportunities for fun at Disneyland.

Here are some photos I’d like to share taken on my iPhone 5s and my Canon Rebel t3i from this month. 

Coffee Bean chalk art
Coffee Bean chalk art

Although we are still technically in Winter, here in California it already feels like Spring. This just means I can now wear my Spring attire on most days. This straw hat is currently available on eBay and for only under $7! They also now have pink. The shoes I bought years ago from Forever 21.

On one of our photo outings at Griffith Observatory, I snapped this photo of Rafael and I with his Go Pro by controlling the Go Pro app on his iPhone 5s. Pretty cool. My fella is all about the nifty gadgets. He’s always just photographing me, so it’s always really nice when we do manage to get photos of us together. Of course we take photos the nontraditional way. It’s more fun like that.

Moroccan Mint tea and Anais Nin
Moroccan Mint tea and Anais Nin

I currently picked up this 1969 edition of Anais Nin’s diaries from 1939-1944. Reading her writings and her diary entries has always interested me. Plus, I have always loved the time period of the early 20th century, especially from a woman’s point of view. Getting a glimpse of people’s lives at the time is intriguing. This book starts off with her leaving Paris due to the beginning of WWII. And speaking of WWII, I also finally watched The Imitation Game. It was such a great movie! It was highly interesting to watch and to finally see another perspective of the war.

Tea and journaling
Tea and journaling

I have been trying to organize and rearrange my room again. I have always loved collecting pretty bottles and recycling them to use as accent pieces for decoration. I just feel that it creates a more whimsical environment, and I am all about the whimsical. As to skulls, well my fascination with skulls will always be strong. One of my father’s sister’s started giving me Dia de Los Muertos decorative items. She also gave me the Frida Kahlo mirror which I absolutely love. 


I love Disney obviously, and I now love decorating my bulletin board with Instax and Polaroid photos.

A few days ago there was this poor little mouse that found its way into my backyard. I think it was attacked and must have escaped and tried to seek shelter. Unfortunately by the time I found it, it appeared to be on its death bed. It was still somewhat breathing, but it would not move at all. It’s strange because it appeared to be unscathed, but it wasn’t until late at night when I checked back and saw it was still there but now sadly dead and laying on its side, did I notice it had two bite marks around it’s little body. Perhaps whatever attacked it never drew blood, but simply sort of crushed its body. I still feel really bad for it. It was attacked and managed to escape, but still ended up having to die.

The other day I went to this new Ramen place after work called Umaichi Ramen. It was actually pretty good. I will always love ramen. It’s just makes me feel really cozy and satisfied.

Here is a current list of some songs that I have been listening to lately. I tend to listen to a lot of European artists I’ve come to notice. No surprise there.


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