My Life in Retail: A Short Reflection

It has officially been a week of losing my job of three and a half years. All last week I felt as if I was lost in an emotional limbo because I couldn’t really figure out how to feel about this current news and sudden loss of financial stability. It’s a big change, but panic didn’t really start setting in until yesterday, but briefly. Now what? I wondered, as I sat quietly in my room feeling a bit worthless. Despite everything, I have thankfully managed to keep a calm and collected head on my shoulders. On today’s blog post I would like to share a short reflection of my five years in retail and my three years with this company, and what I have learned and experienced along the way.

There was a time when I was out of work for almost a year. I was anxious for a job and felt like I was getting nowhere. Then over the summer I received a phone call from a company I had sent my resume to at least a few years back. I was quite surprised, but extremely thankful. The interview went well and luckily I was hired. By September I began my new career in retail and from there I would form new friendships and learn many new skills that would help me mature and grow as an individual.

Before being hired by this major company (name not disclosed), I worked for a smaller retail company two years prior (name will also not be disclosed). I had already acquired a few skills and had a general idea of the retail/fashion industry, but once I started working for this bigger and more established company, I soon realized I still had quite a lot to learn. What had I gotten myself into? I often wondered, feeling incompetent at times. I had no idea what I was doing, and life in retail never seemed to slow down since fashion is always changing. Still, I somehow managed to persevere and I was always focused and did what needed to be done. I grew to love this fast pace. There were plenty of moments when I did stumble and I was called out for it in a rather harsh manner, but I learned to get used to it, and it wasn’t until after my second year with this company when I got promoted to a different position, which I gladly took.  Once again I stumbled with lots of obstacles, met a lot of interesting people with all kinds of personalities, and learned to adapt to a slightly different and more intense setting. But at least now I had a better schedule, and things in the workplace started to look a little more hopeful.

Throughout my time in retail I have also had my fair share of crazy customers, mostly women unfortunately. I have been belittled, dealt with women that clearly had mental issues, and one lady even went so far as to make me cry in front of her two teenage daughters and in front of other customers. Thanks to this company and the many personalities I have had to deal with, I have learned to be patient and learned that sometimes it is better to just keep your mouth shut. I have also learned that if you want an opportunity, you need to be vocal about it, because you can’t expect everything to be handed to you. You will also not always get the approval your deserve or desire. There were times when I did get lucky though, and towards the end of my second year with the company I was offered another higher up position.

It was this position I would have until just recently. I had a lot more freedom, and I was able to bring more of my creativity into play, which I loved. 

Honestly, it was fun while it lasted and I have no regrets. All I can do now is continue to move forward and not dwell on the past. I used to dwell on the past so much and it made me feel miserable. Over the years I have learned to not worry so much and take life one step at a time. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I know that this isn’t the end for me, but a chance for a new beginning. 

Being currently jobless just means I’ve had a little more time to relax in my backyard and take more photos. I admit it does feel peaceful to finally be free of a set schedule and have more time to reflect on yourself and your surroundings. I have also been debating on whether to really put more of my energy and time into this blog, and try to become a successful blogger, like so many of those other women I admire in the blogging world. I actually follow one blogger that quit her 9-5 job because she felt like a “corporate zombie,” and because of finally being free from this, she was able to build more of a following with her writings and online persona. 

I have also had the time to make a decent dinner. 

Earlier today I enjoyed some Orange Ginger Peach White tea from The American House, located in San Diego. There teas are so good! My throat has coincidentally been feeling funny ever since I lost my job. I hope it doesn’t mean I am finally getting sick. I have not been sick in over a year, maybe even two years. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I was sick.  This is a good thing. I would like to continue to keep it this way for as long as possible.

Before losing my job too, I also lost my name badge a few days prior. Out of the three years I’ve worked there I’ve never lost my name badge, so I thought it was a bit strange. I always take it home with me, so I must have misplaced it or it fell out of my bag somewhere. It’s as if the universe knew I wouldn’t be needing it anymore! 

I know despite my positive outlook, I can’t say I am completely okay with all this still, but what’s important is that I know I will survive. It’s time to start a new chapter in my life.


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