I officially got to wear my new Lovely Sally Pulsar 1919 skirt, and it made the perfect pairing with my Butcher Billy Shadowplay T-shirt. Graphic designer, Butcher Billy, has always designed a lot of cool pop culture prints. His Post-Punk Superhero’s is one of my favorite series by him. I think I’ve owned this shirt for two years now and it was the best discovery ever.

When pairing this outfit together, I first thought the prints were going to clash. The material on both is different as well, but I honestly like this combination. This shirt was made for this skirt! I have always loved Joy Division and Batman, so this is currently one of my favorite T-shirts of all time. The dress version of my skirt can be found on this blog post. I think the dress is even better.

Since I obviously had an 80’s theme going, I had to wear these bad boys with my outfit. I bought these at a Fashion Blogger sale for only $5 or $10 I believe. They are sample shoes and I don’t know what brand makes these unfortunately. They were spanking brand new when I bought them from a very nice fashion enthusiast/model and Youtuber, Zilla308

Visit to check out more of his work and designs.

Photos by Rafael Hernandez


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