5 Year Anniversary

On Wednesday, Rafael and I finally hit our 5 year mark.  It’s kind of amazing really. No couple ever has a perfect relationship, nor is it easy. We have been through a lot together, but finding that perfect balance really takes time and patience. He is a great guy and I have learned a lot thanks to him. I am happy to say I also have gotten him to lead a healthier lifestyle and diet. We have changed one another for the better in some aspects, but he has also taught me to remain true to ourselves and to continue to be our own persons. 

We didn’t really get to celebrate that day because he actually had work, and I spent almost six hours getting my hair done! I have never colored my entire hair before. I think it took a little longer than expected because I have so much hair. Luckily my stylist gave me a trim and it’s a little shorter now, but still a bit longer than I usually have. We still managed to make the best of it by walking around really quickly in DTLA and we took a few photos. 

It’s a big change when you go from having natural hair your whole life, to suddenly getting it colored blue. I honestly needed the change, however, so I have no regrets. Even as I type this right now I am still feeling extremely giddy about my new hair and antsy to get out and take more photos of my hair in the day! 

The next day Rafael surprised me with this cute Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent bottle cap pendant from Etsy. I love that it’s blue and it came with a cute little blue bag. We are hopefully going to be officially celebrating this weekend. It would be nice to get away for a little bit and have some alone time. I am a happy and extremely lucky lady.


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