Izzi Slim: Capture Magic


I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Izzi Slim iPhone 5s case again recently. Rafael won the case last year in a giveaway/contest, and now it’s my turn to officially start using the case. I really do love it a lot. Having it at my finger tips every day now makes taking photos on my iPhone a magical and a fun experience. I thought, why not finally write a review?

What does the Izzi Slim come with?

  • telephoto lens
  • fish eye lens
  • wide angle lens
  • macro lens

The Izzi Slim is equipped with four different lens. At first glance there appears to only be three lens on the case, but when you unscrew the wide angle, the macro lens is revealed. 


Dreamy blur
Dreamy blur

Beautiful jewelry close ups
Beautiful jewelry close ups

Lush bath bomb heart confetti
Lush bath bomb heart confetti

The macro lens lets you get up close and personal with the little details you normally wouldn’t be able to see in life. It also helps in creating dreamy and surreal close up images. 

Fish Eye

Funny dog portraits
Funny dog portraits

The 180-degree fish eye lets you really take in your surroundings and helps create fun dimension in your photos. 


Silly shot of my quirky fashion sense
Silly shot of my quirky fashion sense
Pink bath water
Pink bath water

I really love using the 2x telephoto for portrait shots, but it also works on getting closer to your subjects when you’re a bit further away, for example, such as landscape shots or a product shot of my tea. It really helps when you want to focus on a single subject.

Wide Angle

Almost like the fish eye, the 0.67x wide angle lens, lets you get a better view of your surroundings/environment, but with less exaggeration. 

The Izzi Slim is quite a versatile case. It’s great for anyone that loves constantly taking photos on the go. If you’re not in the mood to carry around a typical camera, having interchangeable lens at your finger tips on your smart phone is always a nice option. I recently started Snapchatting again after a two year absence, and it even makes my Snapchat photos and videos look a little better. The case is very sturdy, and the lens works really well. It is also easy to switch lens by just moving the rotating lens dial. Taking the case off or putting it on isn’t difficult either.

The only problem I have with it sometimes is controlling the lock button. For some reason I have a hard time locking it even though there is a little opening on the side that leaves the volume and lock buttons visible. I have small fingers too. I believe it’s because of the groove grip. I think the groove grip design is what also causes the phone to vibrate a little louder than usual, and sometimes when I’m in a quiet environment, this loud vibration can get a bit annoying to me, but honestly, because all the lens make shooting so much fun and they work really well, these are minor complaints. Plus, the groove grip is what makes carrying this phone feel good on the hands. The case is still worth getting! 


  • Sturdy case
  • Interchangeable rotating lens
  • Fun photos
  • Stabilizing groove grip
  • Easy access to lightning connector for easy charging


  • Sometimes difficult to lock case or control volume
  • Loud vibration when on vibrate mode
  • The lens/lens caps on the case block the regular iPhone camera lens and flashlight

Another thing that is sometimes a bit bothersome is that if I want to use the regular iPhone lens or the flashlight function, the lens caps on the Izzi Slim case actually block the regular iPhone lens, even when you rotate the lens dial to expose the regular iPhone lens. The only solution is to remove the telephoto and the wide angle lens caps if you want to take a photo without any grey ring (from the lens cap) around your image. Once again, this is a minor con that I can overlook. If you have careful hands, removing the lens caps is the least of your worries. After all, they are what protect your lens, so I am willing to compromise. 

 Izzi Gadgets has a new case for the iPhone 6, called the Izzi Remix for those of you with the iPhone 6.  The Izzi Remix comes with 5 interchangeable lens.  It’s a little more money as well, but still seems like a great investment. If you signup/subscribe on their website, you get 10% off your order!

Over all I would give the Izzi Slim a 9 out of 10.

For more examples of what Izzi Gadgets can do, check out the hashtag #capturemagic or #izzislim on Instagram! I also have a few more example photos using the Izzi Slim on my last post, Day Trippin’

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