Beauty On a Budget

Happy Saturday everyone! Currently no longer having a 9-5 job means I have had to do a little cutting back, and that means cutting back in the cosmetics department as well. I decided to just write a short review on the cheaper alternatives I’ve found that still work for me. I’ve always preferred the high end brands, all for the exception of Miss Manga Volume Mascara, which I’ve always loved, but this time I decided to finally try Ulta’s brand of lipsticks, and I finally picked up a new BB Cream with SPF 30, just in time for this sunny and hotter weather.

Of course I will admit that what originally drew me into trying Miss Manga is the product packaging, itself. Anything Kawaii will always be on my radar. What made me even happier is that the mascara actually goes on really nicely. As soon as I ran out of my first tube, I automatically picked up another one. In my excitement, I forgot to check and make sure I got the all black mascara, but since there isn’t that much of a difference, I am satisfied with the Black Brown, and at least now I can say that this color is just as good.

As to the Ulta lipstick, well I am pleasantly surprised! Although I’ve always enjoyed shopping at the store, I never bothered to try their own brand. How snobby of me…I’ve clearly been missing out! This originally cost $8, but I got it on a sale day and had coupons and only paid $2 for it!!! Scandalous…I think that’s the cheapest I’ve ever gotten lipstick for. This type of lipstick has shea butter in it and does not dry out my lips. I am a fan of matte lipsticks, so although this one isn’t matte, it’s still not annoyingly shiny or glossy. Ulta does have matte lipsticks available of course. I just haven’t tried those yet.

I’ve been searching for the perfect nude lipstick, and although this one isn’t your traditional nude, it has a natural color that still compliments my skin tone. It is almost the same color of my natural lips actually. Now I can jokingly call my natural lip color Sugar & Spice…

Just yesterday I picked up Neutrogena’s BB Cream with SPF 30. The current BB cream I’m using does not have any SPF unfortunately, so I thought it was time to set that one aside for now and start protecting my skin once more with SPF since it’s only going to keep getting hotter and sunnier from here on out.

I have also recently discovered Colorpop Cosmetics! I have yet to order from them. Trying not to spend so much and only purchasing the necessities is so difficult! But I’ve heard good things about them, and their lipsticks are only $5 each!! Same with their blushes. Free shipping is only available if you spend over $30 in the US only, but if you spend that much you will be one happy babe with a great variety of new makeup. Versus spending that much on just one high end lipstick after tax! They have great selections of fun colors to choose from, and even offer collections with a variety of different lippie stick colors already preselected or certain colors only available through the sets, ranging from $35 to $39. 

Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!! 


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