FashionTap: The All In One Fashion Network

Good day my lovelies! I am happy to finally share a proper post of the fairly new fashion lifestyle app, FashionTap, created by CEO and Fashion Blogger, Amy Roiland of I was also able to interview her via email! This post isn’t just another app review, but a look behind a woman that has become her very own #GIRLBOSS, and who has created a fashion social network for people from various parts of the world to connect and help inspire one another.

I believe I first stumbled upon Amy’s Instagram in the Spring of last year. It was in the summer when I started seeing mentions of her new web app, FashionTap. I was immediately intrigued and signed up right away. That was ten months ago now. The native app was still in development at the time, but it was nice to at least have something to use and test out in the mean time. It was 5 months later in November when iOS users were finally able to use the actual app. The wait was worth it! I was extremely impressed with the design and layout. The interface is quite functional and neatly organized, and I love the sleek, dark theme of the app. Amy has come such a long way. 

.My notification feed
.My notification feed

The main concept of FashionTap is for people to tag what they’re wearing and through the links they share by tagging their items, generate revenue and make a little money. You receive 100% commission. You can share and tag any items you don’t already own from different brands, such as the pink skirt from online retailer, Yesstyle, I tagged below. You can even tag beauty products, which is what I love doing too, besides sharing outfits.

Tag your photos that way they can be found in the search engine.  
Tag your photos that way they can be found in the search engine.  
The creator of FashionTap, herself, Amy Roiland looking stunning in that perfect sunlit moment.  
The creator of FashionTap, herself, Amy Roiland looking stunning in that perfect sunlit moment.  

Heart any images you like either by double tapping the photo or hitting the heart button. Commenting is also available of course, and you can reply to other users or tag them in your posts.

The search interface is grouped into three categories: Photo, User, and Hashtag. Users are also ranked by location and category. And speaking of categories, what kind of categories can you sign up with when creating a FashionTap account, you’re probably wondering?

  • Blogger
  • Fashion Enthusiast
  • Designer
  • Photographer
  • Brand
  • Stylist 
  • Hair Stylist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Retailer
  • Model
  • PR

Since the launch of the app back in November, the categories have expanded, which is pretty awesome. I am signed up as a Blogger and I am currently ranked in the top 5 bloggers. There are moments when I feel that I perhaps started blogging/my own website a bit too late in life (will make a reflective blog post on that in the future), so apps like FashionTap are a great way to social network, monetize, and get yourself out there by connecting with more people you share a common interest with. Plus, it’s fun of course!


Guess what? I also got my man to start his very own FashionTap profile! Under the photographer category of course. Sometimes I get so caught up in the Girl Power vibes, that I need to remind myself that apps like this shouldn’t solely be for just women. This is a great way for photographers, male or female, to also share their work and network, or find models to collaborate with in the area.

Socialize while you monetize

— FashionTap

FashionTap’s main motto is “Socialize while you monetize.” I think in the beginning there was a little confusion on this, and maybe it seems too good to be true. I admit I have yet to make any money from this app myself, because I don’t think I share enough clickable content as I should, and I was lazy in the beginning and never got around to setting up my VIglink account, until like two months after the native app finally came out. (What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn’t.) But here are some steps for getting started and setting up your Viglink account, which is what you’ll need in order to get paid and receive your profits. And all I can advise others is, promote yourself and find ways to get people to look at your content. Find your audience that will help support you and love to buy what you’re sharing/wearing so you have a higher chance at monetizing, and stay consistent. Post every day even, if possible. In the end, it’s also not just about profiting, but also having fun and meeting new people you share a common interest with. I have met a lot of cool individuals and fellow bloggers thanks to this app! 

  1. Sign up through Viglink (it’s free) and once you’ve done that, set up your Paypal account in the site in order to have a means of your money being transferred to your bank account.
  2. Once you give VIglink your Paypal email, you will then get a Viglink API key.
  3. Go back into the FashionTap app and under settings go to Payments
  4. Enter your Paypal email and your Viglink API key. Hit done.
  5. You’re all set up to start receiving your payments!

For those that need a more visual explanation, Amy Roiland has made a video. Here it is:

My Interview With Amy

When I was conducting these questions for Amy, I realized just how little I really knew about the woman behind FashionTap. I figured it was important to get to know someone as inspiring and influential as Amy, because she is much more than just a founder of an app. It’s rare for me to find women in Tech that I feel I can relate to, so I had a lot of questions to ask! 

Me: When was that moment in your life when the idea of FashionTap first came into being?

Amy: I was working PR at an E-Commerce jeans company and my boss asked me to locate Fashion Bloggers in Austin TX so we could send them jeans to wear for the SXSW festival. I couldn’t locate any. Not even 1. I googled, I searched Instagram, I looked everywhere. I even began asking local photographers where I could find them…It hit me, there is no network out there or app that has every single blogger in one spot. I talked to my tech friend about it and he was like,  “Let’s make this app.”  As we went along making it, we added so many other features combining so much to make it a one stop shop. Now you can locate Bloggers, Designers, Stylists, Brands, Retailers, Hair [Stylists], Makeup, PR firms, Photographers, Models, and Fashion Enthusiasts by city and by popularity.

Me: How has creating FashionTap been a learning experience for you? 

Amy: Every single day with this app is a huge learning experience for me. Creating an app from scratch with one developer is an incredible experience. We worked out so much over this past year. I love hearing feedback and being able to implement all of it into the app. I love listening to what the fans want and giving it to them. I threw an entire FashionTap launch party by myself. This was insane, and such a huge learning experience. (Video of launch can be found here:

Me: You seem like a very passionate and career driven woman, what is the one thing that helps keep you focused? 

Amy: This is hilarious for me because I am so damn hyper, it’s crazy. I will shoot like 3 blogs in one day and be working on the app full time, and also selling and designing stuff. I would say GREEN TEA. This is the one thing that helps me stay focused. Encha makes the best organic, incredible tea I have ever had in my life. All from Japan and GMO free. I am now designing shoes and jewelry, so this is another thing on my plate.

Me: How would you describe your fashion sense? 

Amy: Quirky for sure, and a mix between vintage and modern. I have that same style as Alexa Chung. I can be super girly in a dress or super boyish in a blazer and skinny jeans and boots.

Me: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Amy: I feel really inspired when I watch an older movie from the 60’s. I love the entire feel of those kinds of movies. I also love anything by Wes Anderson, that inspires me to the max. When it comes to the tech world, tech people inspire me: Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter and Square, and now owner of Periscope—he inspires me. The tech world in general excites me to the max!

Me: What is the one piece of accessory you’d say you wear the most?

Amy: Eyeglasses. I have too many pairs now…My favorite lately are the ones I got from Polette Eyewear. They make the most amazing eyewear ever. Best quality and really affordable, like $12 a pair.

Me: Who are some of your favorite brands and why?

Amy: Miss Patina, Orla Kiely, BedStu, and Zara would have to be my top brands at the moment. I am obsessed with everything Miss Patina makes; collared tops, jackets, high-waisted skirts—all super 60’s. Orla Kiely is absolutely incredible in every single way. She mixes 60’s style with a modern day twist. Bedsu makes some incredible boots, all super vintage looking as well. Zara is just the best lately!!!

Me: I see you also design your own clothes from time to time, do you plan on taking that to the next level, or is most of your time reserved for developing your app and mostly blogging/sponsoring brands? 

Amy: I do love designing a LOT. I am actually designing a shoe right now for a company, and an entire jewelry line for FashionTap. I can’t really discuss these in more detail until they are out. But yes, my all time dream would be to create a clothing line and a shoe line for sure. One day…one day it will happen. As for now, I am focusing mainly on blogging and my app.

Me: What is some advice you’d give to women in their 20’s trying to pursue careers in fashion or starting their own businesses? 

Amy: My biggest advice to these ladies or men who want to pursue careers in fashion would be to become obsessed with it, think about your end goal and where you want to be in 2 years. Really focus and really have an end goal and obsess over it. Find people who are doing exactly what you want to do and who are super successful, and study the hell out of them. Look exactly at what they are doing…Follow in their footsteps and network, network, network. OH and be nice to everyone ALWAYS. You never know who will end up being the head of a company one day…

Me: Where do you see the future of FashionTap in the next 5 years?

Amy: I see FashionTap eventually becoming an IMDB for the entire fashion community. I want girls to go to runway shows and tell other girls to add them on FashionTap instead of follow me on IG or add me on FB…There are no centralized Fashion Social Networks and I want this to be it. I want everyone to get on here and be found for work and connect everyone. I made this app so every single person in fashion can benefit from it.

Wow. It’s so inspiring to read everything Amy has to say.  She also gives some great advice in connecting and staying in tune with the fashion world, and in following through with your goals. She truly seems like a genuine and passionate person. I appreciate how she answered one of my questions about advice to women, and also included men in her answer. Once again I got caught up in the Girl Power vibes. Yes, men are very much a part of the fashion world just as women are. It’s just really nice to see a woman in Tech like Amy that not only has a killer fashion sense, but is also savvy in her business and marketing/promotional skills. With all this in mind, I am very excited for all the other amazing projects Amy has underway. 

You can follow Amy on IG under @afashionnerd. Follow her on FashionTap under the name @Amy

Purchase FashionTap in the iTunes store for free! At the moment, Android users can only sign up and use FashionTap via a web app. 

Find them on Facebook as FashionTap and Instagram as @FashionTapApp

Thank you so much for reading everyone! For current updates on my life follow me on IG @nicomichelle. Find Rafael and I on FashionTap under @nicomichelle and @2071photo

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