Self-Portrait Series: Cosmic Mermaid Easter Bunny

I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is now a month away, but I have really been feeling April so far. The past few days we’ve also had really nice weather here in SoCal. I am enjoying it as much as possible before it starts to get scorching hot again. 

Earlier today I took some new self portraits. Once upon a time ago that’s all I did really, before technology started getting better, and I became super obsessed with my beautiful iPhone (Sad but true). Well, luckily because I now have more time on my hands these days, and because I can’t get over my colored hair, (loving that colored-hair life), I am trying to take self portraits on my Canon Rebel T3i when the mood strikes.

Feeling like a Cosmic Space Mermaid
Feeling like a Cosmic Space Mermaid

Since Easter is almost near, I have been donning my Easter bunny ears a lot lately. I got them at Target years ago! They’ve really come in handy, plus I love collecting fun hair pieces/accessories, so it’s nice to have them in my collection. I am wearing all Cruelty-free and vegan beauty products! Except for the Stila eye pencil in Antique Gold under my eye. It was a part of a gift set by my mother dearest. Before I put on the Lip Tar, I applied one of their lip colour pencils in Hoochie

The eyeshadow I am using is by Elf Cosmetics. Here is a site I just found that links to Cruelty-free beauty companies!

Faces. I tried to smile, but I've had that resting bitch face going on lately.
Faces. I tried to smile, but I’ve had that resting bitch face going on lately.

And now I’m back to wearing one of my traditional Spring/Summer straw hats. I was enjoying a nice cup of Matte Chai tea earlier. Yummy! 

Let’s not forget I also really love coffee. I created this on Line Camera (love that app!) and used my Line Play (also love that app) avatar as one of the stickers. Of course she has bunny ears and mermaid hair too. The rest of these kawaii stickers were designed by Esther Kim. Her artwork is awesome! Check her out!!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!!


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