Welcome To May: Life Update

Time for a life update post! Well, I was about to just finish posting my life update blog post I was currently working on since this morning, but my Internet decided to just give out (because sometimes when it goes into sleep mode it does that on this Windows Laptop. So weird! Windows sucks.) and I didn’t previously save all my work. Fail!

I am also still getting over a mild cold, so I don’t really have the energy to rewrite everything again…because of this I have been drinking lots of tea, and I haven’t had coffee since Monday or Tuesday. Considering how much I love coffee, it’s kind of scary, but hey, at least now I know I can function without it. Somewhat. It’s only been 2-3 days. I rarely, if ever get sick, so the fact that I finally got sick again was quite shocking. It’s only been about two days though,  and I’m already feeling better. Yay! I know people that are at least sick for a week or more, so I was expecting the worse.

The white tea I've been drinking from Teavivre. Organic White Peony. They're awesome!
The white tea I’ve been drinking from Teavivre. Organic White Peony. They’re awesome!

Yes, it’s May, and that means only 17 more days until my birthday. I’m still not really sure what I’m going to do, but I definitely want to have lots of fun. It’s time to start planning! 

♥Things I Currently Love♥

♥ Minnie & Mickey heart cup from Disneyland!

♥ Macchiatos and macaroons from cute cafes

♥ The return of GOT! So happy it’s finally back. I love my Khaleesi

♥ Spring flowers!

♥ Dressing up as a Spring Sailor Senshi

♥ My blue hair fading into a nice pastel/aqua blue

♥ My new 90’s-inspired Daisy pendant choker

♥ Bracelets that fit my tiny, child-like wrist! (the struggle)

♥ Star Wars cookies! Yummy


It's Mother of Dragons month! ;p
It’s Mother of Dragons month! ;p

Welcome to May! I hope this month is good for everyone.



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