Sometimes it’s all about the lipstick

My blog turns 2 years old today! Life always passes by so fast, I didn’t even have time to make a proper blog post and write anything sentimental, but to be honest, because I failed at blogging a lot in the beginning, I still feel like I have much to accomplish, and 2 years doesn’t really feel like a long time at all, therefore there isn’t much to say. I will say that I now have a little more sense of direction and I have been able to meet more people in the blogging community finally, so that has been a lot of fun. I am also thankful to the people that do take the time to read my blog and keep up with my photo adventures. I actually started blogging back in May 2013 on Weebly, but sadly when I finally started using SquareSpace, all my original content couldn’t be transferred over, so on this site when you look back on the September 2013 archive, you’ll find only one post I think. Blogging was kind of a struggle for me back then, I suppose. 

Since I have started blogging, my lipstick collection has grown a lot, and it has helped me with a lot of my looks. I think one of the main beauty details I have learned since starting my blog is that lipstick really goes a long way. I LOVE lipstick.  Whether it’s an old favorite, or a brand I am finally trying out for the first time, each individual lipstick is special to me. Sometimes, it’s just really all about the lipstick adding a little extra touch to an outfit that really makes a statement piece stand out.

Here I am wearing my Duffin sunnies French eyewear company, Polette sent me back in February. I think I love them better on me with my new short hair. I am wearing them with one of my favorite coral lipsticks by Clinque, in Heftiest Hibiscus

Wearing Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Milan with Nyx Pinky Beige lip liner
Wearing Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Milan with Nyx Pinky Beige lip liner

Nyx is actually one of the brands I finally started using this year. I know they’ve been around a while now, and I think in the very beginning I had an eyeshadow by them, but that was all I ever used. I was curious about their matte lip cream and finally bought my first color in Cairo. I originally wanted to try Stockholm, because I thought that would look better with my skin tone, but they were out at the time. Sometimes Cairo works for me, like in the photo below, but when I finally found Stockholm, and paired it with their nude lip liner, I was very happy with the results.

Wearing Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Cairo
Wearing Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Cairo
Wearing Stockholm with Nyx nude lip liner
Wearing Stockholm with Nyx nude lip liner

I have discovered that Nyx matte lip creams work better when paired with lip liners, just like with most lipstick. I like how Stockholm is sort of a dusty rose nude. Since I’ve always stuck with traditional reds, it’s nice to finally branch out and try lighter/nude colors.

Wearing Nyx Copenhagen with Obsessive Compulsive lip liner in Dahlia
Wearing Nyx Copenhagen with Obsessive Compulsive lip liner in Dahlia

For more of a vampy look, I bought their Copenhagen. I lost one of my Bite Beauty dark lipsticks, so it was a good opportunity to test out Nyx dark colors. As much as I am enjoying the nude colors right now, I still can’t completely say goodbye to my dark reds.

 I still think it’s funny how I never wanted to use lip liner before. I blame it on the bad impression I had of it thanks to my childhood. The over done 90’s lip liner/chola look…Oh well, all that matters is that I have finally realized that there are many different types of shades and lip liner only helps to accentuate those shades. My lipstick journey has been a fun one. 

Thank you all!



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