Minimal Earth Goth Boho

When it comes to makeup and fashion, most of the time I prefer a clean or minimal appearance. I have never been big on patterns or bright colors. I do own a few bright colors of course, but I think my signature look has grown to reflect a Mod Goth/classic sort of look and feel. While out shopping once, a man that might have been in his 40’s told me my style reminded him of the Goth’s from the late 80’s/early 90’s. (And no he was not hitting on me. He was totally gay.) This actually put a smile on my face because I grew up listening to a lot of New Wave and 80’s Goth Rock. 

Over the past few years I have grown really fond of kimonos. Majority I own are all black, but I am happy to announce I now actually own an embroidered and  fringe kimono by dear grandmother bought for me at Forever 21 as an early birthday gift. She helped me pick it out because my grandmother is awesome and stylish. How can I not heed her fashion advice? But yes, it is still black of course.

I paired this with Forever 21 jeans and a bell-sleeved crop top by Macy’s brand, American Rag, I purchased last year. This black Liz Claiborne floppy hat/fedora has been one of my favorite wool hats ever since I found it at an antique shop in the Fall of last year. The hotter it gets, however, the less I will be wearing it and I will have to trade it in for my straw hats.  Most people probably wouldn’t pair a long-sleeved top with a kimono, but today I just really felt like representing my bell-sleeves.

Although I love my winged liner and mascara, sometimes I ditch both and just focus on more of a bare look. These are the products I used today on my face.  The main products I always use on my face when I do wear makeup are BB cream, blush, and once in a while, concealer to brighten the area around my eyes whenever I feel like I have sleepy eyes. Keep in mind I have pretty clear skin so I do not need heavy concealers, and this is why I can do a very light coverage on my face. I understand these products may not work for everyone. The Tarte Maracuja concealer I would recommend for all skin types! I don’t have dark circles, but of course my eyes do look tired here and there, and this is when this product comes in handy for me personally. I’ve always loved Tarte, and I was using the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Waterproof Concealer before I tried the Maracuja concealer. As of now I feel like both products are equally great.

 I just recently started using a blush by Nyx as well (High Definition Blush in Hamptons). Before it was always my Tarte blush in Natural Beauty. The Nyx blush is a nice light pink.

I like using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics colour pencil in Feathered just to brighten/highlight the inner eye area. On my lips today I used Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm with their Nude retractable lip liner. This is my new favorite nude lip combination! 

I hope everyone enjoys their evening. Health Goth? Stay Earth Goth. ;p




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