Birthday Week

Giddy for Donald.
Giddy for Donald.

Hello everyone! I am officially 27 years old! Yikes…but today at Lyfe Kitchen, one of the cashiers had to check my I.D. and she said, “Wow, you look so young!” Awesome. Just what I want to still here. The older I get, the better it sounds. 

For my special celebration, I was finally able to go to Disneyland on my actual birthday. Last year I went two days before and it was grad night so it was so crowded. Considering this year my birthday landed on a Monday, I thought to myself, “Oh, it shouldn’t be crowded at all!” Wrong! I’m actually kind of surprised it was still so packed that day. But a lot of people are out of school already and people just graduated, so I should have expected this. I suppose it was just wishful thinking. My birthday always seems to land around graduations…kind of really over it, but what can I do? I will definitely not be going to Disneyland again for my birthday next year.

Other than that slight surprise, Rafael and I still had fun and he treated me to a delicious rose raspberry Mickey Mouse shaped macaron from Jolly Holiday Cafe. It was so good! It was also a lot bigger than we expected. It was my French Birthday Cake. One of the other highlights from that day is that I also got a photo with Donald. And as you can see, I always act like such a big dork in front of the characters. Donald is such a cutie. This is my second photo with him. I was able to get one with him last winter in his cute little Santa hat.

Cars Land at California Adventure
Cars Land at California Adventure

While in Downtown Disney we stopped at Sephora and I picked up my free birthday gift! I’ve never used any of Nars makeup products before, so I’m happy I finally get to use them. So far I really like their lip pencil crayons in Cruella and Rikujien. But of course Cruella is my favorite, because I just really love my matte reds. 

While at Disneyland, I stopped to get my birthday badge of course. What is a birthday at Disneyland without a birthday badge?! I also got one of my fortunes from Esmeralda’s Prophecies. It’s always fun to drop in a quarter and see what fortune Esmeralda chooses for us. Our fortunes were both spot on for Rafael and I. I tell you, the spirit of Esmeralda is alive and well. We always seem to get fortunes related to us. It’s funny but also kind of spooky. 

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall

The next day we went downtown because Rafael had work and took some photos for a friend. It was fun to meet new people and walk around on a beautiful day. After the shoot he got some photos of me as well. I have been using my Jump From Paper handbag almost every day since last week again. I just love this bag! Rafael actually got this for me as a birthday present last year. This is still one of the coolest bags I own! There are fakes on Amazon for much cheaper prices, but this one is the real thing! 

Wearing Polette Eyewear's black Nenuphar sunnies.
Wearing Polette Eyewear’s black Nenuphar sunnies.

Although I usually prefer dressy over casual, sometimes I really like to mix the two together. A casual top with a nice skirt is the perfect balance for a day out in the city. Throwing on a beanie instead of my usual beret also helps keep it “urban chic.”

Visiting the Bradbury Building
Visiting the Bradbury Building

Outside the Hello Kitty exhibit. 
Outside the Hello Kitty exhibit. 

I wanted to finally visit the Hello Kitty exhibit in Little Tokyo, but it just closed by the time we got there. I still had to get a photo in front of the sign of course. My stone-cold expression clearly says, “Booo…missed the exhibit again and I’m sad.” Hopefully later this weekend I’ll be able to go back, and be there on time! 

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Today I went to the park and brought my new parasol I received as a birthday gift from one of my aunts. I love the colors on this one! I have two in yellow and red. Unfortunately it was a bit windy, so I didn’t get the photos I really wanted today. I will have to wait once summer is officially here.

After always passing by this place for months, I finally went to Lyfe Kitchen! I had already eaten lunch earlier, so I ended up just getting one of their craft beers, so technically I still haven’t eaten here. I would love to have breakfast here one day. 

Enjoying a Hefeweizen at Lyfe Kitchen
Enjoying a Hefeweizen at Lyfe Kitchen

I really like their interior design. It happened to be really empty when I was there, which I didn’t mind at all.

With Spring coming to an end, I have been making slight changes to not only my wardrobe, but my accessories as well. These are some summer accessories I can’t go wrong without! The Pikake Jasmine perfume and Hawaiian floral bag are from Hawaii. The perfume smells amazing! The perfect spring/summer scent.

I hope everyone has a great day. Thank you for reading!




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