That City Life

I had a wonderful weekend. I actually did absolutely nothing on Sunday and Monday, except relax and catch up on video games.  Friday and Saturday was filled with a little more of excitement and socialization. On Friday I attended a dance rehearsal performance Rafael was requested to take photos of in down town.  It’s always a lot of fun to see dancers performing. They are filled with so much passion and always seem to move so naturally to the music.

Saturday, Rafael and I hung out with friends, and I finally got to attend the Hello Kitty Exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. Last week I tried to attend, but wasn’t able to make it on time.

Before the weather starts heating up again, on Friday I decided to wear one of the dresses I received as a birthday gift from one of my aunts. I love the bell sleeves and the low neckline of this dress. It’s very Witchy, and pairs well with my vintage Liz Claiborne fedora. I have no idea where she got this dress, but it’s from an older brand, I believe. I’m guessing it’s a thrifted dress, which I don’t mind at all. It’s in great condition.

Rafael at work
Rafael at work

The Hello Kitty exhibit was pretty cool. It was a bit packed that day, but it was still fun to walk around and explore the world of Hello Kitty. I have been a big fan since I was very little. I grew up with Hello Kitty, so I’m glad I finally made it before they take the exhibit down. May 31st is the last day! 

My friend and I had the same idea to take this photo, looking down at the bows, except she took a photo with the pink bow. While I was trying to take this photo, this lady was hovering close to me, so I felt rushed and didn’t properly center it. Go figure. 

Hello Kitty America's Next Top Model designs
Hello Kitty America’s Next Top Model designs

Hello Kitty Hooter's plush
Hello Kitty Hooter’s plush

After the exhibit we enjoyed some ramen and eventually went to Perch. It was actually my first time at a rooftop bar. I had no idea they served food there as well.  I don’t attend bars very often, so this was a nice change. It was very relaxing to look down at the city and look out into the sky from a bird’s eye view.

The classic group shoe shot.
The classic group shoe shot.

This was my look for Saturday. My beret, moto jacket, and black sunnies seems to constantly be one of my go-to looks. Once summer hits, however, I will be trading in my moto jacket for one of my black kimonos, and my beret for one of my straw hats.

Big smile for cupcakes
Big smile for cupcakes

After Rafael and I left Perch and said goodbye to our friends, we briefly stopped at The Last Bookstore to check out their new art book section. Right when you walk in, they expanded the left side of the store to include a bigger art book selection, as well as a showcase of limited edition/signed books. There is also a section of old dime novels.

When we were finished at The Last Bookstore we finished our day with cupcakes at Big Man Bakes. I always love their cupcakes. The owner was actually there that day so it was really cool to meet him. Everyone is always so friendly there. This wouldn’t be the first time I end a day with cupcakes. How do you like ending your day? I hope everyone has a good week!




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