Summer Fashion Inspo: Sinister Beach Babe

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I felt like it was time to share more summer beauty products/fashion on the blog today. I have never been a big fan of summer, but I can’t whine about it forever. I try to avoid the sun/heat as much as possible. The heat bums me out, it’s true, but that’s why I always try to focus on the fun new summer fashions, and what beauty products are more summer oriented to keep a positive mindset in the summer season.

If you’re a babe like me that prefers the darker side of life, then you might enjoy some of the beachwear and accessories I chose for my “Sinister Beach Babe,” look. Some people might be like, “Birkenstocks?! Really?!” Birkenstocks are actually extremely comfortable. I grew up with a mom that always swore by her Birkenstocks, and although I used to kind of think they were ugly, plain black Birkenstocks like these work for me, and now they seem like a wise choice if you’re going to be out all day walking through a nice beach town, or on just any hot, summer day. Birkenstocks are meant to mold to your feet, so that’s part of what makes them such good sandals. I had no idea they were sold on the ASOS website. ASOS is where I also got my new swimsuit from, pictured above. It was part of my birthday gift from Rafael. It’s actually a one-piece (monokini) that just looks like a two-piece in the front. I sadly haven’t been able to visit the beach yet to wear it, but hopefully in June that will change.

As much as I love my black sunnies any day of the week, I thought these clear sunnies by Quay (one of my  long time favorite eyewear brands), creates a nice contrast with the all black. I actually do not own a pair of clear sunglasses yet, so I might have to get on that already.

If you’re heading out in the day, then you will also want to make sure your skin is well protected. I love my hats, but for a day at the beach, or on a very sunny day, a big floppy straw hat is just what I need to protect myself from those harmful rays. I really like wearing SPF on my lips as well, besides on my skin of course. I love my Coola SPF, but I still don’t own any of their body or face sunscreens. I tried one of their Sport Sunscreen Spray’s at Sephora and I really liked it. I just discovered today that they also have a matte face tint. I want them all! Although the price tags are a bit pricey, they seem to have very good/natural ingredients, so it might just be worth the money. 

For more lip protection, Bite Beauty’s BB For Lips in Deep Purple with SPF 15, seems like a nice choice for summer. Pair this slightly tinted lip color with Essie nail polish in Bahama Mama to keep up that vampy appearance.

Who’s excited for summer?! Hmm…maybe I am, just a little.




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