Femme Fatale on Vacation

On Friday I wore my Shop Last Night Ara dress in black. It is also available in red! I own a lot of black dresses, but this one is one of the more slightly traditional and classier LBD’s currently in my wardrobe. Most of the dresses on the website are great for partying the night away, but for a day look, I paired the Ara with my Forever 21 Embroidered Sheer Kimono, and my big floppy straw hat I purchased from H&M over a year ago.

Daisy Choker from Tilly's
Daisy Choker from Tilly’s

To help keep this outfit day-balanced and not going too over the top, I chose my flat black  sandals by  DV by Dolce Vita. For me, heels would have been too much. The big hat is already an attention-grabber. One lady shopping at Zara actually came up to me and said that she liked everything about my outfit, and that it was nice to see there were still people who knew how to dress really well in the world. She appeared to be in her 40’s, so the fact that a slightly older and more sophisticated woman was telling me this, brought a smile to my face. 

Photos by Rafael Hernandez.


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