Tea Time With Nico: Django Reinhardt, Straw boaters, & a Fancy English Tea Set

Welcome to another day of Tea Time With Nico! I am currently obsessing over this vintage English-styled teapot set made in Japan. I was even more surprised when I discovered that at the bottom you turn this little contraption and it turns into a music box! I am so in love! Every time you pour tea the music box plays, but as soon as you set it down, it stops. This was actually my parents, and they can’t remember who gave it to them or when. All I know is that it is now mine! No one appreciates tea in my family like I do. They hardly ever used it, so it is basically brand new.

Today I am drinking Ginger Orange Peach white tea from the American Coffee & Tea House. It’s so good! The tea leaves are so beautiful. You can also taste each individual flavor of the ginger, orange, and peach. Mostly the orange and ginger for me. I have a lot of The American Coffee & Tea’s herbal/red teas too, which are all good. You can purchase their teas and coffees online or visit their store if you are in San Diego. 

I have a nice set of 5-6 little teacups. On the front a man and woman from pre-Victorian days adorn the teacup. They appear to have old country attire.

I enjoyed another day of June Gloom out in my garden listening to Django Reinhardt while I sipped on my tea. Django Reinhardt is perfect summertime/outdoor music, and helps set the mood for a 1940’s mini Garden Party. My week was okay, so I finally decided it was time to emerge from my cave and put on some lipstick and a nice hat to lift my spirits. 

I am wearing a dress given to me by my grandmother in this photo. I have no idea where or when it’s from…can’t you tell I never really get very many details from my family? Everything is a mystery half the time…I like to think it has a 1930’s/1940’s kind of feel. I paired this with my straw boater and a beautiful necklace by 1928 jewelry.  Since the dress is a bit big,  I wore it with a black skinny belt with a cute gold bow to give it a more fitted look. This is a self portrait I took with my iPhone actually. Because the weather has been a bit gloomy, it wasn’t very bright out when I took this, but I am always enjoying this cooler weather. 

I really love this necklace, and it matches my dress and now my hair! This is one of the rare photos where you can actually see more of the blue (Manic Panic’s Shocking Blue) in my hair. The purple is Pravana Violet.

I’m aware the video is very poor quality, but here is the musical teapot in action to hear how it sounds. I still hate that when I upload a video from my iphone to Youtube, it turns it into crap. It looks so much better on my Instagram actually. @nicomichelle

Oh how the little things in life really make me feel warm an d fuzzy on the inside. I will definitely be using this tea set more now in the future. Enjoy your weekend lovelies!



Twitter: @chameleonmagic

IG: @nicomichelle


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