Sprinkle Every Day With a Little Magic & Love

Now that I have Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love book in my possession, today I felt inspired to make a few little important life memos. I also finally stopped being super cautious/thrifty about my Instax Halloween film Rafael and I got for clearance back in March, and finally took my first ever Instax selfie. The only Instax selfies I have are with friends and Rafael of course, but none that I have actually taken myself. Considering how much I love selfies and I’ve owned my Instax since Fall of last year, I’m surprised it took me this long. I suppose I was just waiting for the right moment. For the occasion, I felt it was appropriate to wear my Betsey Johnson camera pendant necklace and one of my favorite black hats. Every day is Halloween to me and I try to fill it with magic as much as possible, so I’m really loving this Halloween Instax, despite the fact that it will soon be summer. 


The official release date of this book is today! But because Rafael pre-ordered it back in May for my birthday, I received it last week! Much sooner than I thought. I am still in the beginning of the book, but of course I already love it, just like I knew I would. Gala Darling is always such an inspiration and seems like such a beautiful soul. Her writing has always been really fun to read, so reading her actual book is still a treat and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also love the cute illustrations in her chapters! http://charlottethomson.co.uk/

No matter where you are in your journey of radical self love, I want you to know one thing: you always have the ability to change. In every moment, we’re given the opportunity to evolve and grow, or shrink and stay stuck. You make the choice!

— Gala Darling, Radical Self Love

I am obviously no “artist,” but I made these little memos more for myself that I plan to pin up on my bulletin board I look at daily. I also like to display my Instax photos on there to look back on all the fun times I’ve had. Considering I am talking about radical self love here, being true to yourself is extremely important when feeling any type of love for yourself. Fuck what society thinks. Be who you want to be, dawling! *In British accent*

Yes, this is a quote from a 90’s song by Corona! Super cheesy, I know, but I have been on a mad 90’s dance music binge lately, and I thought this song fit perfectly for the moment. The rhythm of my life is, think pink, fill it up with magical and thoughtful moments, and learn to love the little things. Oh, and don’t forget to love yourself, of course!

My mission is a personal one, and the reason why I think radical self love is so valuable is because I have been to the other side—something I like to call radical self loathing—and back again.

— Gala Darling, Radical Self Love: A Guide To Loving Yourself And Living Your Dream

Gala Darling is the real deal. She is living proof that one can feel their absolute worse and still find the strength inside her to make a positive change. I know I’ve had my dark times when I was younger, and I am so thankful to have a more positive outlook on life, despite the bad days I have here and there. That’s why I still love having this little gem in my library of growing books! I admire Gala so much for all the love she gives. I have always tried to be a giving and loving person, but it’s hard to find people like that in the world that can give you that back. Most people close themselves off and don’t feel like opening up, and that’s alright. Everyone is different, but this is why Gala’s wise words and her warmth gives me hope and reminds me that there are others out there trying to spread positivity and universal love. There are others that see the universe as more than just a dark place full of hate, envy, and sadness.

What I Love About Myself

Since I am talking abut self love, I think I can list off a few aspects I love and admire about myself. To all those people that ever made you feel ashamed for loving you or sharing anything about yourself that you love, well forget them. You are important and you matter!

  • My loyalty
  • My sincerity
  • My three perfectly aligned beauty marks on my face
  • My eyes
  • My passion for books
  • My ability to try and see the good in everyone
  • My awkward long arms (even when they sometimes get in the way of life)
  • My quirkiness

What do you love about yourself?! Please tell me in the comments. 

Thank you so much for reading! If you haven’t already, and are looking for a change in your life/need more daily positive affirmations, or just want a perspective from a strong, wise woman who writes about something other than fashion, pick up Gala Darling’s book on Amazon now! It’s only available for a limited time. You will not regret it!! For more daily inspiration from Gala, follow her on Instagram @galadarling 

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