Why Mocking & Sarcasm Are Only True Signs of Bitterness & Hate

Happiness versus Hate
Happiness versus Hate

RIght now I am feeling grateful for Teasenz Puerh tea bar, Parov Stelar’s latest album, The Demon Diaries (Love it!), morning bike rides and mood lighting. Although there are still a few things in my life that can be a little better, I am always trying to surround myself with what makes me happy. I love feeling good, I love feeling happy, and I love having positive thoughts and sharing my positive vibes with others. There was a time when I was always more sad than happy, and boy, am I glad those days are over. I used to be pretty miserable all throughout my teen years and early twenties, which is pretty typical for that age group, I would say, but some people still carry that over into adulthood for many years. 

Growing up, I felt disillusioned with society and always felt like there was something missing in my life, but over the years I have become much more confident in my own skin. I used to feel sorry for myself and made the mistake of always putting too many expectations on my life and other people. I admit there are even times now where I catch myself putting expectations on others after years of learning lessons the hard way.

I am here writing this today because I have been observing more people a little more closely, and there seems to still be so many hateful and bitter people out there in the world. It’s always hard to keep silent on this subject, especially when you’ve actually grown up with family members that were slightly moody and a bit mentally unstable throughout your life. I think I can say I have experience in the subject and dealing with negative people that seem to never change. I will admit some days I feel so annoyed at all the negativity out there, but maybe that’s a little harsh. Not everyone feels the same way about life in general, after all, and yes, I know you can’t put expectations on others. I only wish I could help angry people see the brighter side of life. If there is one thing I have learned over the years and that I am constantly reminded of, it’s that you can’t change people. You can only help influence them, but in the end only they can take that extra step forward and change themselves for the better. 

I suppose I’m just really frustrated at those people that make it a point to act a bit sarcastic and hate on what others like, falsely thinking they are being witty by acting out. Guess what? it’s not witty at all. It just comes off as a bit attention-seeking and immature. For example, yesterday was National Pink Day and I noticed scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed that there were several people mocking the day of celebrating all things pink by wearing all black instead and still ironically tagging it with the National Pink Day hashtag, or saying things like, “Fuck National Pink Day.” I understand people are allowed to feel whatever they want, but when you take a special event or day and mock others for celebrating it and try to “rebel,” and make it about yourself, it makes you seem very petty and hostile. I know this is about a color, but my point is, if someone doesn’t like something, then all they have to do is walk away, not act like a brat and laugh in other people’s faces. I also noticed this hostility is coming from mostly people that I’ve observed to have had attitude problems in the past, and constantly seem to be unhappy.

This is what most unhappy people in society don’t understand. It’s not always going to be about them, and mocking or rebelling about something so trivial as a color, doesn’t make you any cooler or more “original.” This is the main reason why I felt like people were hating on National Pink Day: To try and make a statement that they were “too cool” for a bright color. Yes, I get it. Not everyone loves pink. In fact, some people probably think it’s a very obnoxious color. But is it going too far for me to say, that wearing all black all the time and not really adding any color in your life is a bit dull and unoriginal? And this is coming from a woman that owns a mostly all black wardrobe. I love darker colors, but I still like to spice it up every once in a while by adding bright colors or collecting colorful accessories in my life, hence why I have so many pink objects lying around.

One of the most destructive beliefs I’ve observed is that cynicism, sarcasm and a judgmental attitude are a way of proving your intellect. I can say this with some authority, since it’s what I used to believe! As I said earlier, like attracts like, so if you go around remarking on everything that pisses you off, don’t be surprised when you wake up in the morning and feel miserable. Don’t be shocked by the fact that everything in your life feels crappy, and that you can never find a lover that treats you right. All of this stuff comes from not loving yourself. Truly.

— Gala Darling, Radical Self Love

I am tired of haters and people thinking it’s “cool” to feel pissed off and sarcastic about life. People feel like if you’re too happy or positive, you must be full of shitty and naive rainbows coming out of your ass. The world is a mostly negative place, but to see the brighter side of life really requires strength and in my opinion, is what actually makes a person stand out from the rest. I’m not saying everyone has to wear pink now and smile 24/7. No way! But just know that continuing to have a negative personality isn’t an attractive quality, and yes, I agree. This is probably another reason why most miserable people are single. If you aren’t a happy person and are constantly bitching about the things you don’t like or making fun of others, the world sees that, and you’re only going to attract more negative people into your life, because misery loves company, right?

Joking and letting the world know your opinion about something can be nice, but when it comes from the same, unhappy people, it gets very old and it shows how much the people in question aren’t doing anything productive to better their lives.

Thank you for listening.

xoxoxo Nico

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