What’s on My Nightstand

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a home decorum post lately, so today I bring to you another day of my current home setup, featuring my newest nightstand. This actually belonged to my mom when she was a child in the 60’s. I have a beautiful antique dresser that also matches this nightstand, but I just recently unearthed this smaller piece and now it sits happily and prettily by my bed. Sometimes matching sets really can make a room a little nicer. I have another nightstand that matches this style as well, but that one was found at an antique store a few years ago. I believe that one is also from the 60’s. I’ll feature that one another day.

Here is what I believe make good nightstand accessories.

Keep items nearby that help you:

Mornings with coffee, please.
Mornings with coffee, please.

Energize & Prioritize

I hardly ever start my day without a cup of coffee! Sometimes I start my mornings with tea, but usually it’s the tea I save for the afternoon (Check out my Tea Time With Nico series), and coffee at morning or late evening. Whether you drink coffee, tea, or you prefer fresh juices, a coaster isn’t just for keeping your furniture stain free, but to also serve as a snazzy decorative piece. This is one of my latest coasters. Because I am always keeping hydrated and drink water 24/7, I am all about coasters. I received this Dia de Los Muertos tile coaster by one of my aunts as part of my birthday gift earlier this May. She has been giving me a lot of Dia de Los Muertos and skull-type gifts. They are always so beautifully made. This is currently the most fanciest coaster I own.

Sometimes I love to write before bed, or check my phone notifications while I’m still lying in bed in the process of waking up, so it’s nice to always have a pen or stylus nearby. I like keeping my stylus/pen with me everywhere I go. I love the combination between both stylus and pen, because although mostly everything these days are now touch screen, we are still living in a world where a pen is needed here and there. I seem to have the worst luck with stylus’s! Probably because I take them everywhere. I’ve already lost two in just 5-6 months time. I’ve always loved this slender pink and white polka dot stylus from Daiso Japan (a Japanese dollar store), but it mysteriously got sucked up in a couch one day and I lost the original forever. I had absolutely no luck finding it.

I bought a new one from Daiso that was all pink and not as slender as this one. Well, I lost that one too recently when it disappeared under my dryer forever! (That dryer is much too heavy to move) So when I went back to Daiso for a third time, I was happy to discover they had this cute polkadot one again! I will try to keep this one as safe as possible. Luckily they are only a $1.50! 

Embrace Your Inner Cute

As much as I love skulls, my love for all things Kawaii shall never die. I love balancing romantic decor/antiques with modern day cuteness. I’ve mentioned before how I love collecting Disney’s Vinylmations. They just add a nice touch of whimsicality to the atmosphere. I am a fan of their Cutesters series of course. I love that these dried up flowers I saved can now be turned into a cute little bouquet for one of my Vinylmations to hold. I bought this miniature Chinese screen at a shop in Chinatown years ago. It’s so pretty and makes as a good backdrop. 

The back of the baby blue Cutester has the Sleeping Beauty’s castle! I was so happy when I got this one. It also has little white gems glued to it. One of them fell off a few years back, but I’m glad the rest stayed put. The cool thing about Vinylmations is that most of them are a secret, so you won’t find out what you’re getting until you open it.

Create a Magic Space With Craftiness & Healing Properties

The main beauty products I keep on my nightstand are Bath & Body Works, Sleep Body Mist (discontinued), my Rosebud Salve for my lips, and my Whole Foods Eucalyptus oil, to help keep the spiders at bay and to just help me relax. I love aromatherapy! Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep at night, so certain scents and pampering myself before my head hits the pillow can be quite relaxing. The amethyst crystal I have by my bedside also helps create soothing comfort and a little magic, and it’s supposed to help with a good night’s sleep. Some people believe in crystal healing. Others don’t. It’s all up to you.

When it comes to home decor, I love making something out of unconventional items. Because I have a fascination with skulls, I have various skulls decorating my room. I LOVE my pink crystal skull I got from Target one year during October. Target is the best. It’s actually meant to hold a tea candle, but I started placing my pens and highlighters (also from Daiso) as display. Quite handy if you’re not lighting any candles at the moment. 

I have this thing with collecting fancy bottles and keeping them around/recycling them to add as cute home decorum pieces. I love fresh juices from The Punchbowl. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest you pay a visit at least once if you’re in the area! Plus, you get a fancy glass bottle out of it. I like to sometimes make candelabras out of bottles, or add fake flowers. In this bottle I placed a light up rose from Disneyland. 

Stay Inspired

My next project is to try and finally repaint this nightstand! As you can see it has a few scuffs and this makes me kind of sad. At least the top of the nightstand has no marks or scratches. It’s a miracle considering how old it is.

Now that I have a nightstand by my bed, I have to at least keep a few books nearby. I am still currently reading Gala Darling’s, Radical Self Love. I love it! I am trying not to speed read through it and really enjoy it. I also have my Anais Nin 1969 edition of Diaries from 1939-1944. Sometimes you just need a little bit of girl power by your bedside, and a little words of inspiration right before you fall asleep or when you start your day.

A piece of furniture is whatever you make it. Everyone’s tastes are different, and it’s always fun to see how other people decorate their home. A home or a certain room can really say a lot about a person. Today has been a pretty nice day so far. I hope everyone else is enjoying their day! And if not, just a friendly reminder that someone reminded me recently, tomorrow is a new day. 

With lots of love,




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