Summer Witch

I have all sorts of black dresses in my closet, but I’m really happy to add this sailor style to my collection now by Swedish brand, 5 Preview. It’s a beautiful black linen sailor dress Rafael bought me and got for a great price on A Fashion Nerds (Amy Roiland), Depop. The dress is currently on sale for about 77 U.S. dollars on the actual site. It’s originally over $100. 5 Preview started in Rome by a Swedish designer, but is now currently based in Stockholm. I’m really loving the minimalism in their ss15 collection. I’ve always wanted a sailor dress. I’m so happy it’s by a European designer and it’s in black! 

I will always be a fan of the “clean,” and minimal design, so this dress is a very nice addition for me. It’s not your traditional plain black dress either, because of its shiny/wet look. The ribbon detail also has a beautiful metallic shimmer. I paired this with black knee highs and my black wool floppy vintage Liz Claiborne hat for my favorite goth school girl/witchy aesthetic I love. I was also able to wear my Steve Madden combat boots again. I feel like it’s been so hot lately, that I can’t dress like this anymore, but luckily it was a little cooler that day and I was out at night. It felt right to channel my inner Summer Witch.

KIM Dress– 5 Preview

Black Troopa Combat Boots– Steve Madden

Photos by Rafael Hernandez


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