Polette Eyewear Summer Discount Code

Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that I have a discount code for you all from Polette, a French eyewear brand with great prices on vision and sunglasses. Use code Coconut for 30% off, valid for ten days only! Excludes all sales items. 

Polette has all sorts of unique and traditional styles in eyewear, as well as eyeglasses for protecting your eyes from the artificial light emitted by computer screens, called e-polette. I am wearing their Duffin sunnies that I paired once again with my Jump From Paper handbag and my juju jellies, except this time I styled them with my 5 Preview sailor dress. Sometimes outfit repeats aren’t so bad after all. The dress and the handbag are gifts from Rafael, so I think this is one of the reasons they feel extra special to me.

Duffin Sunglasses– Polette Eyewear

KIM Dress– 5Preview

Juju Babe Jellies-Urban Outfitters

Martini Handbag– Jump From Paper

Copenhagen Matte Lip Cream– Nyx Cosmetics

Follow Polette on Instagram & Twitter for more updates on their eyewear!

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