Egyptian Space Doll: From Urban to Chic

I know I never blog on Saturdays because I never really have the time, but here is a short post of a few photos of what I’m wearing today. The rain kind of put a damper (no pun intended) on my plans today so I have found myself now spending a day indoors. I love this thunder and lighting! But when you actually take the time to straighten your hair and make outdoor plans, it kind of suddenly makes you feel a little annoyed. This California drought has been horrible though, so we need all the rain we can get right now. There have been too many fires going on too! 

This is my Egyptian Space Doll look, mostly because of my hair color of course. Lately my style has been kind of Slave Girl Chic ( a la Game of Thrones), Egyptian Goth or Witch of the 21st Century.  But for those people that rather stick to more traditional words, how about just plain ol’ Summer Goth? My look is usually very minimal as well.

I love this Brandy Melville bralette. It’s so comfy!  When it comes to jewelry, I keep it to a minimum, only because I have very tiny child-like wrists so it’s hard to wear bracelets or rings that fit properly. And when I do decide to wear necklaces, it usually involves one of my silver chains with a pretty pendant. This is one of the more smaller silver ankh pendants I own. I own two others that are a little bigger than this one. All are real silver of course. I will always prefer silver over gold.

I wasn’t able to take that many photos today because of the rain, so I didn’t get full body shots, but the black American Rag maxi skirt I am wearing works really well with crop tops. This too is also really comfortable to wear. You can pair this skirt with pretty much any top. I also like this look with my H&M big floppy hat. It changes my look from Egyptian Goth to Witchy Goth. With just a hat I went from Urban Chic to Minimal Chic/Sunday Brunch, or in this case, Saturday Brunch ha! That is the beauty of hats! It can really transform any look. I am such a hat addict. I just can’t go wrong with them. 

I feel like most women naturally pair darker clothes with nude lipstick or that dark vampiress deep red. I absolutely love that burgundy red! I like Nyx Cosmetics, matte lip cream in Copenhagen for that vampy vibe. But for today I chose to wear a bright pink in Milan to compliment my hair and go with a more modern approach, hence Egyptian Space Doll. I have another bright pink that is a lot more vivid by Bite Beauty which is another favorite lipstick brand of mine, but this one by Nyx compliments my skin tone a little better I think.

Happy rainy California days, lovelies! 

Brandy Melville Jeanne Bralette

Nyx Matte Liquid Liner

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan

Nyx Matte Liquid Liner

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