New Summer Products I Love

Now that I’ve been sporting colored hair for most of this year now, I have been using products that help keep my hair on point. I don’t use a lot because I’ve never been big on hair products because my naturally curly/wavy hair always did its own thing and that always worked for me, thankfully. When it comes to color however, I recently started using Alterna UV+ Color Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide. Yes, there are two “color’s” in that. No matter how great you think your hair is, if you are using color in it, then it’s always a good idea to make sure you keep it as healthy and the color looking fresh as much as possible. After all, hair that is a color of the rainbow is not cheap or easy to maintain. 

This formula contains organic bamboo extract and kalahari melon extract that helps shield hair with a UVA/UVB color-proof protection. It also enhances vibrancy and shine. I was lucky to receive this one for free at the amazing hair salon I go to, Perch Salon, hence why there’s a “tester” label on it. I am not a thief and never steal! This product is normally $25 retail price. Considering it is free of parabens and sulfates, (it will strip the color of your hair) and eco friendly, the price is worth it.

I have also been using Tarte’s, Tarteguard SPF 30 suncreen. I got this travel size with my Sephora Beauty Insider points. It’s perfect to take on the go and fit in your purse. I’ve always loved Tarte products. They are another company that is phthalate and paraben free. This is my first time using their sunscreen line.

Here is a quick Sailor Saturn selfie I took of myself. I’ve had purple hair for more than several months now and this is barely the first time I was able to get any kind of photo with my Sailor Saturn Cosplay costume. I know the character doesn’t have purple hair, but it’s fun when your hair color matches your costume. I was Sailor Saturn last Halloween! I’ve always loved her character. My hair is currently a purple and blue. I think the hints of blue are because I am still using Manic Panic’s Shocking Blue in my conditioner. I also had the Shocking Blue in my hair before my hair stylist added the Special Effects purple’s (can’t remember what purple’s exactly) to my hair. I really love the results! So far my hair color has stayed really vivid and seems to be fading nicely.


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