Wednesday Reflections: Dapper Self Portraits & How it Feels Like To Be Wearing Eye Glasses Again

This morning I started out my day listening to the 1920’s Road Trip Style album on Spotify. It’s been one of my favorite 1920’s music collections for a while now. The 1920’s will always have my heart. There have been plenty of times when I have wished I could take a time machine and travel back and take in all the sites of 1920’s Los Angeles.

This is my first time wearing this particular straw hat with this Peter Pan collared dress. When it comes to straw hats, I have a straw boater from Japan I wear more often than this one in the photo above. The top is more rounded on this hat versus the flatter, more tradition style of the boater. I have to show all my hats love, so I think I will try to wear this one a little more now this summer.

I couldn’t decide which shade of red lipstick to wear with this dress. I decided on Bite Beauty’s lipstick duo in Poppy which I bought during the holidays. Right now it is currently not available anymore. Since I was going for a more retro look, the coral red seemed like a nice decision.

This dress is by Maison Jules. I’ve featured it before on my blog (Dapper Day 2014), but it’s just so pretty, I love wearing it whenever I can. This time I’m wearing it with a slim bow belt. I don’t usually wear a lot of belts, but this type of dress always looks a little more polished with just the right touch of accessories.

Today's MOTD
Today’s MOTD

OCC Pencil in NSFW

NYX Matte Liquid Liner

NYX Love in Paris eyeshadow palette in Be Our Guest

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Benefit Bad Gal Lash

Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream

This month I ran out of my yearly contact lens supply. This means from now on I will be sporting my Sakari eyewear until I can eventually take an eye exam and purchase another year supply of contacts. I have been meaning to upgrade my eyeglasses as well, but it’s hard when you have no insurance. I am hoping to eventually choose nice frames from Polette Eyewear. I love them!

I have always had a hate relationship with eye glasses to be quite frank. Why? Well, not only do they get in the way of every daily activity, but I have been wearing them since the 2nd grade. I also didn’t have the best school experience from elementary to parts of high school thanks to the fact that I wore glasses and used to be an ugly duckling. I was never the cool kid and got made fun of. Back then eye glasses weren’t as cool as they are now apparently. People that don’t even have bad eyes wear pretend eye glasses for crying out loud. Oh, how times have changed. 

It wasn’t until I finally switched to contact lens in junior year of high school and finally started growing into my looks when life changed for me, and I was making more friends. So you see, this is why eye glasses will always kind of make me feel self conscious and bring back those years of torment. Slowly, but surely, however I am learning to feel okay in them again. And if I can buy more updated frames from companies such as, Polette, then I know I will feel a little better about wearing them daily.

Besides all that, another reason I have never really cared for eye glasses is because it’s so hard to do your makeup when you have to get really close to the mirror just to see properly without them. Showering is also difficult if you have no contact lens in and can’t obviously wear your eye glasses in the shower…because I have long eye lashes, my eye glasses also get smudged randomly throughout the day. Most people without bad vision don’t think about these little things a lot. Trust me, I’m not being dramatic. These are real life problems with people that can’t see properly, especially when you’re a woman. 

Many people I admire wear eye glasses. It was nice to get off my chest the feeling they have given me in the past. Most people don’t realize I have been wearing contact lens this whole time and don’t even have 20/20 vision, so…surprise! I think I will in time learn to appreciate eye glasses now that I’m an adult. Thank you for reading.




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