Summer Boho Meets Space Cadet

Happy Wednesday. Today in honor of National Lipstick Day, I wanted to show off two different looks wearing my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Rollergirl matte lip tar. From a fun, outdoor summer look to a fetish/futuristic space babe, this violet purple has really come a long way. I am still in search of another purple, preferably a darker shade, but in the meantime Rollergirl is so much fun. I chose this color for National Lipstick day mostly because it’s one of your less traditional colors, and it matches my hair of course!

These H&M denim overall shorts are definitely a summer favorite. With temperatures reaching high 90’s lately here in So Cal, sometimes I just want to throw these on with a swimsuit or bikini top. I’m wearing one I bought from Target a year or two ago. The tropical stone necklaces were my grandmother’s. She just recently gave me the white stones. They are both so lovely, I had to wear them together today. I am not too fond of the son, so a parasol is always a good idea. I received this too as a gift from one of my aunts. I have one in red and yellow. So it’s nice to finally have one in a bright pink.

Although I am more of a traditional black eye liner kind of gal, this blue is nice for certain outfit pairings or for bright summer days like today. This color pencil can also be used as a lip liner!

Pinafore from
Pinafore from

Matte Lip Tar in Rollergirl

Colour Pencil in Pool Boy

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