Shout Out to State Bicycle Co & Knog

I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I would like lately because as many of you probably already know, I injured myself last Friday when I fell off my bike. Of course Rafael had to take some photos and document the occasion. It’s still sort of hard to use my left arm, but I’m trying. I also really miss exercising. It’s only been 6 days, but it feels like forever of having to rest and try and sit still…

I feel like I’ve been talking about it too much, but I’ve never injured myself so badly before, and I suppose I’m still in some sort of shock that I survived. I am also a 105 pound woman, so my body got pretty roughed up… I fell on my entire left side, not only getting cut up, but also bruising my hip (the hip I had to have surgery on as a baby because I was actually born with a crooked hip for those that don’t know) and my back. I just remember my head actually hitting the pavement on the bike path (thank goodness it was a path and not the actual street), when I was riding at night, but because I was wearing my helmet, it really took most of the impact. My head was a little bruised afterwards, but obviously nothing serious like a concussion or a cracked skull. I was going a little too fast and hit a bump and lost control.

At least earlier in the evening it was nice, and Rafael was able to get some photos of me with my Izzi Gadgets phone case. 

Looking all smug...
Looking all smug…

Right now my injuries look horrible. I will definitely scar. I have been trying to use aloe vera from my back yard to help. My road rash looks like I am turning into the Walking Dead. I will spare everyone photos on what it looks like now.

This one has finally started scabbing, but it looks so much more hideous in person.

Being lit up with Knog lights
Being lit up with Knog lights

It wasn’t until I got home when I noticed my shoulder had also been badly grazed. And this was with wearing an actual cycling kit!  I thought my arm was the worse, but I’m pretty sure it’s the shoulder. It ripped a hole in my kit. If it wasn’t for the kit, I probably would have really gotten wrecked.

I'm okay?
I’m okay?

The only tape I had on hand at the moment was Sanrio deco tape of course. RIght now I am stuck at home still, and although I’m still a little upset about my accident, I need to be thankful for at least having my life and no broken bones. Getting up was also really difficult in the beginning, and sometimes even sitting or lying down hurt because I’m pretty sure I bruised my bum, but little by little I can tell my body is recovering. I will always be grateful for my State Bicycle Co kit and helmet, and my bike of course for not getting too wrecked in the process.

Brick Lane Bikes Cycling Gloves

State Bicycle Co Cycling Jersey & Bib Set

State Bicycle Team Issue Lazer Helmet

Brick Lane Bikes Notorious Cycling Cap

Knog Blinder 4 Twinpack

All photos by @2071photo

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