Vintage Dresses Are Oh So Pretty

I had a lot of fun at the Whurl Pop n’ Shop last weekend. It’s always nice to attend blogger/independent seller events. There were so many beautiful vintage clothes there! And it was nice to be there and support one of my Instagram friends, Jenny!

I am so happy that I finally met the wonderful and beautiful Jenny of @shelovesdresses You can check out her blog on She is such a beautiful soul and such an inspiration. I love what she is doing, and how she is one of the rare bloggers that doesn’t just blog about fashion or pretty things, but isn’t afraid to speak out about the social issues/injustice many POC still face in 2015. Relating to the blogging community, the more I blog/follow certain brands, the more I realize that WOC/POC are never represented as often as the white community. It’s a bit disheartening and discouraging, but this is why women like Jenny are so inspiring. Women like her remind me that if you keep quiet about certain matters and don’t speak up, these issues will never get resolved and the POC community will always continue to get overlooked/ignored.

I was super happy to have my champagne in hand with one of the dresses Rafael got for me from Jenny’s closet sale. She has the best dress collection! 

Rafael got these detailed shots of my new pink sailor dress. I felt so dainty in it.

This Minnie Moues mini top hat is the best!
This Minnie Moues mini top hat is the best!

Jenny was so nice, she gave me this dress for free! I am so grateful and I will always cherish it! This is almost similar to my pink sailor dress, except it’s sleeveless and a bit longer in length. I will hopefully get proper fashion shots in the dress soon!

I was going to wear this to Dapper Day today, but I’m pretty sure I will not be attending Fall Dapper Day this time around. Dapper Day gets more and more packed as the years go by, and it’s always kind of hot. I don’t live very close to Disneyland either, so the traffic on the way there is always HORRIBLE! Any time of day it just always seems to be a mission to get there. I will most likely be going to Disneyland soon again anyways since I have my annual pass, so it’s not a big loss for me. Every day is a Dapper Day for me, for the most part. For those going though, I hope you have a wonderful time!

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