Mojave Desert & Light Magic

On Saturday, Rafael and I paid a visit to the Mojave Desert with our friend Joey. By the time we arrived it was close to sunset. The waxing crescent moon was out and the skies were clear. I kept my eyes on the lookout for rattlesnakes, but luckily we did not come across any. It was completely deserted at both locations we went to. That’s the desert for you. It holds a beauty of awe, isolation, and mystery.


Caught Gramming








I think this photo is priceless. This was by accident, and it totally looks like I am getting abducted. I started calling myself Cosmic Space Bambi earlier this year (I secretly write stories here and there that I probably won’t ever share with people, and needed another name to call myself), so this photo is quite fitting.



Rafael got awesome shots of me at our second location with what I like to call, light magic. Lighting has always been his specialty. By the time we got to this location, night had pretty much already fallen. We kept waiting for more stars to show up in the sky because Rafael and Joey really wanted to get those beautiful night sky photos. Cell phone service was gone too (gasp), so it was nice to unplug and just enjoy the evening among good company.

I used to frequent the great outdoors at night in my early twenties a lot more often. I forgot how much I missed it. I still go outdoors in the day, but not at night so much anymore. It’s almost a completely different feeling. It’s a lot quieter of course, but I have always felt this strange sense of surreal-ness. But at the same time, a feeling of actually living and feeling more emotionally connected and in tune with the environment. I suppose it just means I am truly a creature of the night. Being out at night in the middle of nowhere just always made sense. It felt right and almost comforting. Apparently years later, now in my late twenties, it still makes me feel this way.

Photos by myself and @2071photo 


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